What Are Lead Capture Pages

Are you someone that’s new to online marketing and you just wish someone would explain the basics to you? Well, in this post we’re going to explain what are lead capture pages.

Today you’ll learn what a landing page is, why you need one, why they’re so important and the must-haves for a successful landing page. Simply put a lead capture page is a type of page that is specifically used to capture information about your leads which are also called opt-ins.

So What Is a Landing Page?

Sometimes a landing page is considered any page where visitors to your site land when they first reach your site. The most effective business owners use it as a page to create leads because it provides you with the means for capturing a name and an email address.

Now if you choose to send your traffic to your business page instead of a lead capture page you miss out on getting a lead and they will not be added to your autoresponder.

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In order to build a list and be able to monetize it you must use a lead capture page. Once your lead is on your list you get to learn more about them and in turn your lead gets to learn more about you, your opportunity, your training or services and how you can help them.

This is something that I really want you to understand. Have you ever noticed that when a new opportunity comes out the same people seem to dominate that business.

They could be in one business one day, two months they’re in a different one dominating every single opportunity that they get involved in and that is because they put in the work and got a ton of people to opt-in to their landing page over time.

My homepage on this site is my landing page so once somebody comes to this website and then they click yes Mike show me how, a pop up will show up and all they have to do is enter their name and email address.

Email marketing plays an extremely important role in converting interested and qualified leads into a customer because usually when someone opts in to your website they are not going to buy right away usually. Sometimes yes it happens but usually that’s not the case.

So what you want to concentrate on is building that list. Whatever method of advertising you choose stay consistent with it and master that skill and use that to bring traffic to your opt-in page.

Don’t worry so much about making sales right away, that’s what your follow up emails are for and I have written different posts about that topic.

What Should Your Lead Capture Page Include

There are four important elements to a landing page and number one is your headline. It should grab your visitors attention the second that they land on your page and grab their attention enough that they want to opt in for more information.

Number two is your copy or the text on that page. Your landing page should explain your offer and just enough details for visitors to convert. It should be written with benefits in mind and written in a way that visitors feel that you’re talking to them and not at them.

You want to include the word “you” as much as you can and you want to show visitors that they’re the primary focus of your page. You want to focus on a problem that your visitor is trying to solve and show them that you have the solution.

Number three is your call-to-action button. Your call-to-action is the gateway to your conversion goal. It is the last place your visitors act before you get a conversion therefore you want to ensure your call-to-action is clear and the button is designed in a contrasting color.

Now your most important part of your lead capture page is the form, if you don’t have a form you don’t have a lead capture page and you’re not going to be collecting any emails or names to follow up.

The lead capture form is where you collect your visitors information like their name, email or phone number. The form should be easy to complete and only asks for information that is absolutely necessary.

The more information that you ask for the less likely the person will opt into that page. People are sometimes hesitant to share their phone number because they don’t know you and they don’t know if you’re gonna call and try to pitch to them.

On my lead capture pages I only ask for a only ask for name and email. Everyone is different, some people will put name, email and phone number, some people will just ask for their email but I’ve learned that for me name and email works the best.

There are lead pages to fit pretty much any budget, just go to Google and type in lead capture pages. You’ll see plenty of examples of lead capture page builders such as LeadPages, Builderall, Click Funnels, etc.

I personally recommend LeadPages because of the lower pricing yet they still give you plenty of tools for growing your business. As of this writing they are offering a free trial.

The downside of all these builders is the monthly charge using them. In reality it’s not that hard to create your own and save your money to use for advertising purposes. If you have any questions about this just leave a comment below and I’ll share some more tips on how.

What Are Lead Capture Pages – Conclusion

I hope this post has given you a better understanding of what are lead capture pages and how important they can be to growing your business. If you’re trying to build a list you must have a lead capture page and autoresponder set up.

If you’re new to online marketing and there’s a topic that you want me to cover please leave me a comment and let me know. I’ll definitely get that post or video out for you.

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