Marketing Basics for Growing Your List

Marketing Basics for Growing Your List

In this post we’ll discuss the marketing basics for growing your list. The trick is to get people to your website. If your content is great, your opt-in form is prominent and you’re sending lots of people to your site every day, your list will grow.

But here’s where things get a bit more tricky. Because it’s actually not about building a massive list. Far more important than that is to build a highly targeted list.

You need to make sure that your mailing list is filled with people who actually want to be there, who enjoy your content, and who might want to buy your products. This means you need to market your site, but you also need to market to the right people.

Growing Your List With Pay Per Click Marketing

The two main platforms for PPC advertising are Google AdWords (adverts which appear alongside Google searches) and Facebook Ads (adverts that are shown to specific Facebook users).  The most important benefit of these though, is that they allow you to target your visitors very specifically.

On Google, you do this by carefully selecting your keywords. If you sell information about fitness, then you want people who are actively looking to get fit.

The best way to find those people, is to place ads on SERPs (search engine results pages) pertaining to topics like ‘lose belly fat’ or ‘ebook on building muscle’.

If you do this, then you’ll only be promoting yourself to people actively looking for information similar to that which you supply.

On Facebook meanwhile, you can do the same thing by targeting your viewers based on their hobbies, interests, gender, location etc. If your website is about wedding planning for instance, then you can ensure that your ads are only being shown to people who are engaged.

That will make sure your ads are targeted, but is it enough? You’re still paying several cents for each of your visitors and even more for each subscriber. Is a subscriber worth that much?

While estimates vary, it’s generally agreed that a subscriber is broadly worth at least $1. As long as you’re paying less than $1 per subscriber then, you should expect to see some ROI.

But this will only happen if the list is targeted – it will only happen if the people who subscribe are likely to buy your products down the line.

That’s why you might choose to go even further in targeting your list. Do your keyword research to narrow down your targeting. For instance, in the google example of getting fit, you could narrow it down to “getting abs for men over 50”.

Now, you won’t get as many sign ups but the ones you do get will be highly responsive and when you provide a great product they will then be more open to other suggestions related to their fitness.

Thankfully, Facebook provides a tool that you can use alongside such a method called ‘CPA’. This is ‘cost per action’ and essentially means that you’re no longer paying per click, but paying per action. And in this case, that action is signing up to a mailing list.

Now you’ll only pay if someone actually subscribes and they will hopefully only subscribe if they’re interested in buying your product. This is why targeting is so important – it’s what ensures maximum ROI.

You really shouldn’t even consider paying for your subscribers or you’re marketing unless you’re going to be using this level of targeting alongside your list building.

John Crestani has a great free training of using paid ads.

Growing Your Email List With SEO and Social Media Marketing

Meanwhile, you can keep driving people to your site using SEO and social media marketing. Of course SEO is search engine optimization and revolves around adding lots of relevant content to your website.

Social media marketing means that you’re going to be posting comments, links, pictures etc. that your audience can appreciate – and this in turn will drive them to your website.

Getting someone to follow you on social media is a great step toward getting them to sign up to your mailing list. This way they are already subscribing to your content in one sense, so it’s a small push to encourage them to join your mailing list.

Again, that step is going to be motivated by the high quality content that you’ll keep adding to your site. Make sure you post content to your website regularly and that you do the same with your social media.

Likewise, maintain a consistent branding across social media and your website, and be sure to link your website to your social media and vice versa. You want to create as many ‘in roads’ as possible to help people discover your site, and thus your list.

Using Incentives To Grow Your Email List

If you have lots of people visiting your squeeze page and your content pages but no one is signing up, then you may need to give a little extra push to get them to make the decision.

This is where using incentives comes in. An incentive is essentially something that you’ll use like a ‘bribe’ to make your list more appealing – and normally that takes the form of a free gift.

Of course if you’re a small business then you can’t afford a big loss-leader. Thus, the gift you give away should be something free that won’t cost you any money per download.

A great example of this is an eBook and these tend to be one of the most popular types of incentive. Similar options include free ‘reports’ (mini eBooks), email courses, mind maps etc.

Ideally, you want to make your e-mail itself the incentive. You could describe it as a newsletter, filled with breaking industry news and exclusive advice and tips. Or how about making it into an e-zine with some glossy pictures?

Sqribble  is a great tool that allows you to create ebooks quickly if you’re looking to use them as your incentive.

You can even run a contest regularly for your subscribers. This way, there’s the promise of winning something big, but you will only have to pay out once. Better yet, people will need to keep checking the e-mails you send in order to find out whether or not they won.

Finally, you can sell your mailing list on the strength of the special offers and deals you’re going to be offering. This is a great way to attract people with money to burn and it also means they’ll want to open your messages to see if the deals apply to them.

Using the right language also helps a lot. Refer to your subscribers as your ‘VIP members’ and make sure to keep offering them extra bonuses and benefits that your other readers can see. Make it sound exciting, exclusive and important to be a subscriber and therefore a member!

But this is where the really important stuff comes into play. You don’t want your subscribers to read your emails just once you see: you need them to keep reading them and to keep opening them.

This is why you need to make sure that you’re consistently delivering value and making sure that people are glad they opened your messages. If you do this well, then people might even share your emails and you may find that you start attracting new members organically.

Of course you need to make sure you’re remaining on topic and staying within your niche or your industry, but while doing that, you need to come up with topics, information and discussion that isn’t anywhere else.

You need to convey that information in an entirely new way and you need to put as much effort into creating stunning content as possible. Then people will read your emails and they will look forward to the next ones!

What’s more, this will help you to build trust in your brand and in you and ultimately that will make your audience much more likely to buy products you subsequently recommend.

Marketing Basics For Growing Your List – Conclusion

I hope this post about the marketing basics for growing your email list will give get you headed in the right direction. Once you get the hang of it you can virtually apply this strategy to any niche

Get your site set up, get your autoresponder optin form and letter sequence set up and create your capture page. If you run into any issues or have a question, just reach out.

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