how to make a podcast

How To Make A Podcast

Today in this article we’re gonna go through the process of how to make a podcast in 11 steps so you get started on the right track.

Step 1:

Determine what you want your podcast to be about. You need to make sure what you’re talking about is something you enjoy and make sure not to ponder.

Do you really enjoy pizza, coffee, punk music, metal music, just find something that you’re actually passionate about and you would be willing to talk about if nobody was listening. Because when you start out nobody is going to be listening and it can be disheartening.

Step 2:

Come up with a format for your podcast. You could just go out and listen to a bunch of other podcasts and copy their format or you could listen to competing podcasts and determine what you don’t like about their podcast or ways that you would improve the structure of what they’re talking about.

Step 3:

Can be one of the most difficult and it is coming up with a name for your podcast. The name should have something to do with what you’re talking about in the podcast and it should also be a searchable term in pod capture.

You want your name to be unique because when you search in iTunes you don’t want to be among a thousand other podcasts with similar names.

Think about that when you’re coming up with the name for your podcast and before you settle on your name make sure your domain is available.

Make sure the social media accounts are available but mainly search the pod catchers to make sure no other podcasts exist with the name that you came up with.

Step 4: 

If you’re gonna have a co-host on your podcast make sure you draw up some kind of contract to lay out and determine how you’re gonna handle any potential income from the podcast.

Step 5:

It’s time to pick out your gear now and I personally would recommend a dynamic cardioid microphone for podcasters some relatively cheap and great options would be something like the Sampson Q or the audio-technica ATR 2100 or anything along those lines.

Step 6:

Now at this point I think it would be very beneficial for you to record a couple of episodes. Not only is this gonna help you by giving you an initial backlog of episodes in case you get bogged down and busy and can’t record.

But it’s also going to help you determine how long it takes to edit, process and get the final episode ready which will ultimately help you determine what your release schedule should be.

On the note of release schedules just try something reasonable at the start. Maybe do one per week or one every couple of weeks.

Then once you get better and quicker at editing and getting the final product ready at that point you can consider upping the release schedule and getting more frequent.

Step 7:

I think this is very important because this is going to be the first impression that people have of your podcast. Get your graphic design done. Now if you have a working knowledge of Photoshop and you feel comfortable with it go ahead and make your own design.

I personally know I am god-awful at graphic design so I just hire people, so don’t be afraid to pay for this because it is a really important aspect of your podcast.

Step 8:

Go ahead and set up your social media accounts. Set up your Twitter, Facebook, Snapchats, Instagrams or whatever you’re using these days but I would only suggest setting up the social media accounts that you can keep up with.

In my experience there’s nothing worse than tracking down your favorite podcast and the only thing in the feed are Auto posts from Libsyn or Blubrry.

Step 9:

Go ahead and set up your URL, buy your hosting and set up your RSS feed. Do all of that stuff and then it’s time to submit your podcast to iTunes and any other podcast directories that you want.

For your hosting and RSS feeds you can actually do one-stop shopping with some place like Libsyn or Pod Bean. They have plans starting as low as five dollars a month and they’ll host your mp3, your RSS feed and with Lipson you can even get a custom URL through them.

So in order to submit your RSS feed you have to open up iTunes, then you go to the store, you enter the podcast section and in the right hand menu you select to submit a podcast.

This then takes you to the Apple podcast connect page where you set up an Apple ID and then you’re gonna go ahead and sign in. Then in the upper left hand corner you click the plus button to add your podcast.

You input your RSS feed URL and select validate and if everything is good your podcast will be submitted and available in the iTunes Store within about 48 hours. If there’s something wrong, just fix whatever the error message says and attempt to revalidate it.

Step 10:

It’s time to launch your podcast and get it out there for the world to listen to. Keep improving your podcasts and stay on schedule.

Step 11:

Go and promote your podcast. Now I don’t mean go out and spam a bunch of communities saying “hey, I just launched my podcast, listen to me”. What I mean is to become an active and valuable community member in whatever niche you’re in.

If you do a guitar podcast go ahead and join a guitar community and interact with people. If they ever ask you what you do that’s when you say “hey, I do a podcast about _____”.  Just don’t spam, that will get you hated by everybody.

In case these steps weren’t enough for you I got a couple of bonus steps for you.

Bonus Step 1:

Listen to every single episode that you record and release. Find at least one thing that you want to improve on the next iteration of your podcast. That ensures that your podcast never gets stale for you and that you’re always getting better with every single episode.

Bonus Step 2:

Listen to podcasts about podcasting because there is so much useful information there. I personally subscribe to Better Podcasting, Podcasters Roundtable and The Audacity of Podcast and I highly recommend all of those.

How To Make A Podcast – Conclusion

Alright guys, I guess that’s gonna do it for today. If you found this article interesting or helpful go ahead and share and leave a comment. If you would like to learn more about podcasting in a detailed guide check out Podcasting Profit Secrets.

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