Must Have Plugins For Your WordPress Website

Must Have Plugins For Your WordPress Website

Today I’m gonna show you 10 amazing free plug-ins for WordPress that I found and I use on my website and I guarantee you by the end of this post you guys will probably use at least a couple of them.

#1 One Signal

Have you ever been to a website where that little note comes up saying would you like push notifications? Well, this plugin will actually allow you to gather people’s information and you can actually send push notifications out through people’s browsers.

The great part about this plug-in is that it’s free and it converts ten times better than email marketing. Whenever I send out a post, create a new project or add a new product my people will be notified via browser and they can simply click on it and be directed to my website.

#2 Ice Cream

Ice Cream gives you the ability to have popups on your website as well as pop-up bars on top your website. You can have an announcement bar like I have on this site as well.

It also creates pop-up subscriptions, email notifications, pretty much anything that you want this plugin has. It’s kind of like a all in one thing so it’s a very useful plugin.

#3 All-In-One WP Migration

Let’s talk about security. Security is probably one of the most important things on your websites and if you guys are not using All-In-One WP Migration then you’re missing out.

This plugin will actually just take copy of your website, download at your desktop and then you can upload it immediately. In fact, it’s the easiest plugin that I’ve found for backups and everything else.

#4 Really Simple SSL

Why is this so important? Well Google just had a huge update last year and if you don’t have an SSL on your website guess what happens.

People will visit your website and see a not secure icon in their browser bar and people can get the wrong idea of your website. They may think it has a virus or it’s a porn site.

What this plugin does is that if you have an SSL and it’s not working it will force the SSL to work and show that padlock. It does require an SSL, it’s not a free SSL but you can contact me and use my hosting and ‘ll give you a free SSL.

#5 WP Fastest Cache 

This is a caching plug-in and if you guys are not caching your websites shame on you because it makes your site much faster. This has over 500,000 active installs now and I’ve just seen amazing results.

#6 WPS Hide Login

When using WordPress unfortunately you can just go to any website like and it will show where you can login to their dashboard.

Basically this plugin will not allow people to have access to that little login page because that’s kind of freaky that anyone can go to your website and guess your credentials.

If they can guess your credentials you’re gonna be in trouble, your site’s gonna be hacked. This plug-in will actually make it so you can change it to anything that you would want.

#7 WP Smush 

What this does is it actually compresses all of your images and it gets rid of all that extra space to make your site load faster so it’s very helpful.

Let’s say you have 20 megabytes of pictures, it will compress it as much as possible without losing resolution and quality to make it maybe around 10 megabytes which decreases loading time.

#8 Tidio Chat

If you guys want live chat available on your website this plugin is a free service and people can come to your website and they can start chatting.

I think it’s just a great service to have if you want that little box on the bottom right saying “hey how can I help you.” You can chat with people right on your website, so it’s a really helpful plugin.

#9 Yoast

Yoast is probably one of the most required plugins out there, it’s just amazing. It basically indexes your website for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing and it tells people what your website is all about.

Yoast takes all your content and it puts it on the search engines and it makes it display how you want it to look so it’s a very helpful plugin.

#10 Facebook Message

Now before you guys think that this is just live chat it’s not. This plugin offers so much, it connects your Facebook Messenger with your fan page, it adds social icons, it adds chat now, it adds a store map so people can click on it and find out where your store is.

it has so many extra features like testimonials, a slide box, a sticker. All this really cool stuff so it’s simply amazing as what this does.

Must Have Plugins For Your WordPress Website – Conclusion

I hope this post was helpful and I guarantee you, you guys are gonna use one or two of those plugins because they’re really useful.

Great WordPress Plugins can really take your site to the next level if used effectively and wisely. You don’t want to overload your site with too many as it will slow down your site so starting with these will ensure that you have the best plugins.

Make sure to leave a comment below and share it with your friends. Also take some time and check out some of my other posts that will help shorten your learning curve.

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