Do I Need a Website For Affiliate Marketing

Do I Need a Website For Affiliate Marketing

Today I wanted to cover a pretty common question I get asked a lot and that question is “do I actually need a website to be successful at affiliate marketing.”

The real technical answer is no you really don’t need a website but full disclosure, that’s not how I run my own personal affiliate marketing business.

My affiliate marketing business relies heavily on my websites and more specifically getting traffic from the search engines onto my sites and then I’m able to monetize that but there are several other ways.

In fact affiliate marketing really has been around since before the internet. For example, back in the day people would take out classified ads and put phone numbers on those classified ads that could be tracked.

Affiliate Marketing Without Building Your Own Site

You could advertise for another company and when somebody called that special phone number you could still get tracked and if there’s a sale then you get a commission for that. This was going on before the internet ever existed.

Another example is you get an affiliate link then you set up a domain, a domain name that redirects to that affiliate link. Let’s say I want to work with the Amazon Associates affiliate program and I’m promoting lawn mowers.

I could have a billboard for a great lawnmower that says “hey check out and somebody can type in that domain name and it redirects to Amazon. If that person makes a purchase then you get a commission.

So technically you didn’t need a website, you just rented a billboard and put put a domain name on there which redirected to your affiliate link and boom you made a commission.

You should know that the success rate of affiliate marketers earning a good living without having a website is very small. It is possible but if I were in your shoes and getting started with affiliate marketing I would not go that route.

Why You Should Build a Website For Your Affiliate Marketing

I would go the route of building your own brand, your own website. Something where you can link people to your site first, where you might have multiple ways of monetizing instead of just one affiliate partnership.

Getting a website going and more specifically setting that website up so that it attracts free visitors from search engines means doing keyword research and finding out what are people searching for in Google related to my niche.

It means creating articles that use those keywords in a certain way that you will attract visitors that are searching for specific things in Google. This is highly targeted free traffic that converts like crazy and that in my opinion should be your main focus.

This is exactly how my business has been run since 2007 when I got started. I went full-time in 2010 and business has been strong ever since. It really is a long term strategy to do things that way and build a real online business.

Nowadays it’s so easy to setup a website, after you’re done reading this post type in how to build a WordPress website step by step. There’s all sorts of tutorials that will take you through every step of the process and you can have a great looking website set up today.

Using Social Media For Affiliate Marketing

There’s a lot of people that create a Facebook page, build a following and start posting affiliate links. Same goes for the other social media platforms. There are people out there right now making a full-time income only using affiliate marketing with social media.

For most of them seeing success though they are using paid advertising methods to drive traffic through to their affiliate link so there’s a drawback to this method.

What I do want to stress is don’t get into affiliate marketing thinking that you will find a get-rich-quick method of making money. You’re not going to set up a Facebook account, put up an affiliate link and start ringing up sales.

You need to know how to drive traffic to your link no matter which method you end up choosing. Whether you take my advice and set up a website or do it through advertising or social media, it’s going to take time and there’s going to be a learning curve.

Don’t expect this to be something that can make you money quickly even though there’s a lot of other people out there making that promise. I’m telling you the opposite, it’s not going to be fast, it’s not going to be easy no matter which way you do it.

Do I Need a Website For Affiliate Marketing – Conclusion

If you look at my website you’ll notice that I never push get-rich-quick products. I always try to get people to build websites and blogs that attract free visitors from the search engines.

It does take some time to build but to me it’s the best way to build a long-term sustainable affiliate marketing business online. I hope this post has helped and I realize it was a long drawn-out answer for a simple

Make sure to leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts. If you’ve found this post helpful share it with your friends and make sure to check out some of my other articles that will help shorten your learning curve.

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