New Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know

New Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know

What digital marketing trends will help your business grow most in 2020. If you’re trying to grow your business here’s the digital marketing trends you need to know especially if you have clients who are local businesses.

I’ve got the list and we’re starting right now if you want to transform your website or your clients website into a customer or lead generation machine.

Facebook Ads vs YouTube Ads

So first up I’m gonna start with something very controversial and that is the decline of facebook ads and the rise of YouTube ads. Am I saying that Facebook ads are going away anytime soon, absolutely not.

What I’m saying is they’re getting more and more expensive and it’s getting harder for smaller businesses to compete so a lot of these small businesses are going toward YouTube.

Youtube is a great opportunity because it actually gives you a better chance of your ad being both seen and heard because most Facebook ads start with the sound turned off and most people never turn that sound on.

Within YouTube if you can get people to pay attention within that first five seconds where they can’t skip they’re much more likely to watch much more of your ad than they would on Facebook.

Think about it, people are on YouTube to watch videos and people are on Facebook more to just kind of mindlessly scroll past their feeds.

I’ve gotten people to watch a four minute video for about two cents per view and the cool thing about how YouTube charges for your ads is if they watch anything less than 30 seconds you’re not charged at all.

On Facebook however you’re likely to pay much more. Their ads are just more expensive and the way they count a view is if they watch it for three seconds.

Not only that but thanks that whole Cambridge Analytics mess that happened earlier this year they’ve taken away a lot of the more powerful targeting options that we used to be able to use to get in front of our clients.

YouTube ads actually come with one really cool targeting feature. You know Google owns YouTube so you can actually target people who have been actively researching things related to what you offer.

For anyone out there who thinks that sounds creepy in any way I just want to make it clear that in the case of Facebook or YouTube they’re not actually giving you the information of these people that are doing these searches.

All they’re doing is putting your ad in front of people who they know fit that criteria and with YouTube ads you can still target things like age, gender, geography, State, City and even zip codes.

The Importance Of Content

Alright next up we have content clusters. So if you want your website to do better in Google searches in 2020 this is a trend you’ll definitely want to start exploring.

Google’s been moving further and further toward rewarding sites that they think cover a particular topic the best so you want to create a cluster of pages that talk about different specific areas around your niche and link them all to each other.

I’ll explain that. So what is your overall topic? Your brand is all about construction so let’s say your brand or topic is Italian food. Now imagine you have a really strong pillar piece of content all about that topic.

It could be your home page if it’s really in-depth or it could be a really comprehensive article about your overall topic. That’s your pillar content, now imagine you have multiple cluster pages that go into specific details on different aspects surrounding that topic.

If you’re a construction company maybe you have one about bathroom remodels, maybe you have one about kitchen remodels. You’d get as many of those cluster pages as possible and they would all link back to your pillar page.

Your pillar page would link back out to the clusters, this way when one page performs well the entire cluster system gets a boost as well. Topic clusters basically signal to Google that you’re a true expert in your topic and you’re much more likely to get a top spot because of it.

Keep Your Message Simple

Next we have message simplification. I want you to think about your website and any marketing efforts you’re currently doing. Are these three things immediately clear when people see it.

What you offer, how it helps your customers and what they have to do to take the next step forward. These are the 3 things that must be conveyed to your audience.

Having a simple message has always worked best but it’s becoming a much more emerging trend because businesses are becoming much more savvy to that fact.

If your website is a confusing warehouse of information you’re definitely gonna need to refocus that messaging down on to exactly what matters and only what your customers need to know in order to make a decision and take that next step.

Once they start hearing or reading any kind of information that doesn’t help them with the problem they’re experiencing right now and how you can help them you’ve already lost them.

Live Chat and Chat Bots

Our next trend is live chat and CHAT BOTS. This has been on the rise for the past few years but it’s on this list because most small businesses are just now starting to take advantage of this trend thanks to so many free and affordable plans available online.

These bots can do anything ranging from answering faq’s to scheduling appointments to making recommendations but for most small businesses out there the best use of a chat bot is this simply use the chat bot to greet visitors and ask them how you can help.

You can either build pre-programmed responses to those frequently asked questions or you can direct people to different areas of the site based on what they ask.

What I would recommend is having a real human member of your team take over the conversation. Basically you’re using automation to get that ball rolling but then you’re giving the human touch to anyone who actually asks a question.

Your audience will appreciate the authenticity and they’re much more likely to engage with you and your business using a chat feature than any other method especially in those early research stages.

There’s a great software that was just released that’s called ChatterPal that is quick and easy to use to help engage your potential customers.

Get Ready For Voice Search

Our next trend is voice search. I don’t know if you know this but 20% of all mobile searches are done using people’s voices and with more and more people getting used to that technology and especially with all those new smart speakers we have like Alexa or Google home.

That number is rising every year but I bet your competition is not taking advantage of this yet so I really think 2020 is your year to get in front of the curve and really dominate in those voice searches.

This can be for people who are actively ready to buy. Siri show dentists near me or for a more content-based question that you can use to get more customers.

For instance if you’re a plumber, Alexa how do I fix a leaky faucet? Then it shows them a video of you showing them how to fix it and a lot of them will probably just say “you know screw it, this guy looks like he knows what he’s doing I’m just gonna hire him.”

So how do you optimize your site for voice search? There’s a lot of things you can do, you can ask questions that people might ask, maybe in an FAQ section for instance and then thoroughly answer it.

Probably the best thing to do if you want to show up in those near me searches is really just make sure your Google my business profile is filled out as completely and correctly as possible.

That way Google knows exactly where you are and then if anyone is near you searching you’re gonna be the one that shows up for them.

Learn more about: How To Optimize Your Website For Voice Search

New Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know – Conclusion

These are new digital marketing trends you need to know if you want to stay in front of the curve. For me personally I handle a lot of local businesses so I access all these resources to help them get more clients.

This may not be the case for you and you may have your own niche that you’re working on but these trends apply to you as well.

I want to hear from you and I want to know which of these trends do you see as your biggest opportunity for digital marketing in 2020. Go ahead and leave a comment or any questions below.

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