What Is Pay Per Call Advertising

What Is Pay Per Call Advertising

Hey everybody, in this post we will be explaining what is pay per call advertising and specifically how it works. Here’s an example.

Here’s Bob, he’s a painter and he’s always wanted to paint. He started his painting company and he’s been around for a while. His painting company is called Bob’s painting.

He paints residential houses, he does cabinet painting, garage floor painting and exterior interior painting. He’s had a little bit of success with word of mouth but he knows he needs more.

Different Marketing Techniques

He needs to make more money and he’s always heard these things like SEO or hey you need a website or have you ever heard of emailing customers or Google.

He’s even heard of the term PPC or pay-per-click. He knows about Facebook and everybody says “hey, do you have a Facebook page?” He’s even heard about direct mail, should he send people mail?

But he questions if it’s good or bad, you know people throw that stuff away, they think it’s junk. He’s even heard about buying leads from somebody and pay per lead but that is a huge unknown.

He knows a lot about painting but this is a big unknown and so he goes to the Internet and he looks for marketing and SEO and pay-per-click and Google how to rank and it’s quite overwhelming to him. He’s like can I just paint! I just want to paint!

So he has a couple options. He could pay someone to build him a website, he could pay someone hourly to do SEO, he could pay someone to create his Facebook page and market it.

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He could pay someone for leads or he could even set up a direct mailer. He would go to a local printer and have someone graphic design some local flyers then he could go door-to-door. There’s so much he could do but if he’s doing all that, who’s painting?

So here comes pay per call marketing. Pay per call marketing involves marketing techniques and tactics we do, so Bob can just focus on painting.

When¬†Bob decides he¬†needs help and contacts us we say “hey that’s fine, we can help you as long as you’re a good business owner. We’ll call some customers and some businesses that you’re associated with to make sure you do great work.”

If we find that we’re a good fit then we’ll make sure that you can get found by people who are using their phones or their computers to look up a painter in their area. Real people local to your area with real interest.

How Does Pay Per Call Work?

We do all this so that you’re found online and they read about you. They read reviews, they see some jobs you’ve done, they see this house that you painted and they’re like “hey, this is a great guy that knows what he’s doing”.

So they take their phone out and if they’re looking on their phone they just click the phone number and they call you and it goes directly to you, exclusively to you.

A problem with buying leads is they often sell it to multiple painters and then you have to compete and you’re dealing with people who are just price shopping. But with us these people are finding you through the internet and calling you directly.

Pay per call marketing is distinguished by that action, that call. When someone finds you and calls you you’re probably wondering how does that work.

Well what happens is we use a call tracking software where we buy exclusive phone numbers just for our clients. Whenever somebody finds them they use one of those phone numbers and it goes directly to him and all the calls are tracked and recorded.

Our clients, our partners we like to call them have direct access to those call logs. They can listen to the recordings, they can see when someone called, they can add notes, they can score the call saying this call converted.

They get an ROI report where they see the ROI percentage of this month so they know exactly what’s happening so they don’t have to worry about all this and go on being an awesome painter and grow their business the way they need to.

Get Your Business Seen is a solid company to help you with any questions you may have and your marketing efforts.

What Is Pay Per Call Advertising – Conclusion

That’s why pay per call marketing is the new way to market and the best way to market. We are the cutting edge, we’re one of the leading companies that does this and we do it really well.

Hopefully that helped you understand what is pay per call advertising and why every local business owner should consider it in their marketing efforts. Shoot us a message or give us a call 239-225-3836 if you would like to learn more.

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