The Power Of The Thank You Page

The Power Of The Thank You Page

There’s a chance you haven’t even thought about your thank you page. There’s a chance your site doesn’t even have one! So, what exactly is this concept?

Basically, your thank you page is a page on your website that you will show to people after they have bought one of your products or after they have subscribed to your list.

Either way, this is the page that you show to people who have taken the action you want for them to take.

It’s easy to understand why this often goes overlooked. After all, once someone has bought something from you, they have fulfilled their purpose. You’ve achieved your goal, so why would you worry about what happens next?

Of course, the answer to this is simple: you want them to buy again. Or in the case of signing up to a mailing list, you want them to then return to your site and to get reading.

You want to ensure they have the best possible experience because this is what’s going to eventually result in them becoming fans and not just one-time buyers or subscribers.

In fact, the buyer is perhaps the most important kind of lead you have and the one you should be investing the most time and effort into pleasing. Why? Because they are the warmest lead.

This is someone who has demonstrated not only that they are interested in your niche and committed to your brand, but also that they are actually willing to spend money.

These are people who will put their money where their mouths are and they are people who could certainly be convinced to buy again, or perhaps to share your post.

But if you don’t make an effort to thank them and if you don’t ensure they had a positive experience, then you can risk putting them off and upsetting them to the point that they are turned off of buying from you ever again in future. Not good!

Better yet, you can actually use a thank you page in order to encourage another action right then and there.

Remember: the only thing that sets the buyers apart from the visitors is time. You are looking at a snapshot of someone the moment they clicked buy.

That makes your next action highly time sensitive. They were obviously feeling impulsive, they might have been in the mood to do a bit of reading, or they might have just had a windfall.

Either way, the only thing you know for sure is that right now, they are open to buying from you.

Anatomy of the Perfect Thank You Page

So, what should you include on your thank you page in order to get this right? Let’s break it down…

The first thing your page needs is a big THANK YOU. Cynical businesses, contrary to popular belief, are not successful. The most successful businesses are the ones that truly care about their visitors and that show this in meaningful ways.

Let your visitor know you appreciate them and they’ll be far more likely to subscribe or buy again. They’ll feel valued, and that’s important.

In your thank you, it’s also a good idea to restate the value of their purchase. This is a good way to reaffirm that this was a good purchase, to show that you’ve got them covered and aren’t just going to ignore them now they’ve paid for you and to avoid ‘buyers’ remorse’.

Add Value

The next thing you can do is to add value. Now this is a great opportunity and one you should not miss. A great strategy in business is to do something called ‘under promising’ and ‘over delivering’.

Have you ever had a parcel show up in two days and been really angry because you thought it would show up in one day? That’s over promising and underdelivering and it makes us angry because we probably parted with our cash believing the promise.

But if we thought the product would arrive in three days and it came in two, we’d be happy because we’d be pleasantly surprised. That’s over delivering.

When you overdeliver you make your audience happy and you potentially get better reviews or more loyal customers/fans as a result.

The only downside is that this means you have to under-promise, which means you can’t use what you’ve just said for marketing purposes.

But the thank you page provides you with a perfect way to over deliver by adding a little unexpected value.

You might direct your visitors to a free document where they can get tips on how to use the product they just bought for instance, or you give them a discount coupon.

Either way, they have something extra so they’re going to feel even better about that purchase.

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Encourage Another Action

This is a great opportunity to encourage an additional action. Remember, you have managed to find a golden moment in this person’s life when they’re happy to buy from you or keen to sign up to your mailing list.

Either way, you have their attention and it might not last. So, strike while the iron is hot!

This is another reason that offering a discount coupon is such a good idea, because it can encourage your visitors to buy something else right away. This is especially effective if the discount coupon has a limited time restriction.

Another way to do this is by letting the buyer increase their order by simply adding things on to their current order. It’s a good time – after all they won’t be charged any extra shipping!

If the visitor has just bought something, then remind them to sign up to your mailing list. And if they’ve signed up to your mailing list remind them to buy!

Call to Action

The next thing to do is to provide some kind of call to action. In other words, you should know what you want to do with the visitor now.

This is something that all too often gets overlooked. It’s highly common for us to let our thank you pages become ‘dead ends’.

That is to say that we’ve carefully made sure that we keep our visitors reading and surfing around our site, but then we let them get to this ‘end point’ and they have nowhere else to go. And guess what, if they have nowhere left to go, then they’ll probably just leave.

So make sure that you use this opportunity to send them somewhere else or get them to do something else. Say: now you’ve bought this product, click HERE to learn more about it. Or, while your discount code is valid, why not click HERE to buy this extra item.

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The Marketing Potential of Your Thank You Page

But the true potential of the thank you page lies in its ability to help you market your site. And there are lots of ways this can work.

One simple option is to add a social sharing button to your page and to include a note saying something along the lines of:

“Why not share news of your purchase with friends on Facebook?”

This might sound strange, but actually it plays right into buyer psychology. People want affirmation that they’ve made a good decision when they buy something.

In fact, the main reason a lot of people buy products in the first place is for the status and the reputation it can offer.

People buy nice cars because they want to be seen in nice cars. People buy widescreen TVs so their homes look expensive. This is human nature.

And so, you might be surprised about just how many people share news of buying your product: especially if that product is one that reflects well on them.

Especially if that product is something that says something about them and expresses a hobby or an interest they might have.

You can even incentivize this action by saying that sharing will get the visitor something free. Either way, this then provides social proof for the products you’re sharing and it also means that more people can discover your site.

Another option is to provide a referral bonus. This means that if the buyer refers someone else to the product, either they or the person they refer will then get access to some kind of special offer.

That might mean money off, or it might mean something additional packaged in to their delivery. Either way, this is a common practice and a great way to get people shouting about your products and your brand.

Thank You Page Upsell

And something that a lot of people never consider is that this is also a great place to perform an upsell. An upsell means that you will place an advert on your site for a related product or a higher quality version of the item you just sold.

In this case, you will post a banner for another product on your thank you page. This is highly valuable because now you have somebody that has their credit card out already so if the offer is good you’re in business.

The Power Of The Thank You Page – Conclusion

There are tons of options for your thank you page. The key is simply to make sure that you take the time and effort and that you don’t ignore the Thank You Page!

There are plenty of page builders that will help you set up your sales funnels and thank you pages. Of course if you’re experienced enough you can create them yourself on WordPress.

But for most people it’s a lot easier to use premade templates. it’s quicker and easier to get things up and running. LeadPages does a great job for setting up sales funnels and thank you pages.

They’re offering a free trial as of this writing and have a free guide to understanding landing/capture pages.

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