The Power Of YouTube Playlists

The Power Of YouTube Playlists

Today we’ll be going over the power of YouTube playlists. Why you want to use them, how you want to use them and how often you want to use them. Playlist is a feature on YouTube that most content creators and brands really don’t understand.

They think it’s just a place to organize video, it’s not just a place to organize videos. Playlists are a very powerful feature that most people don’t really understand how to use.

When you actually create a playlist you’re creating a digital ID on YouTube and the only other way that you create a digital ID on YouTube is when you upload a video.

So from YouTube’s perspective you are creating content, whether you’re uploading a video or organizing videos in a playlist that is new content for YouTube. That’s a very big deal especially when you need to upload frequently and consistently to YouTube.

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There are two types of YouTube Playlists

A series playlist is telling YouTube that all these videos belong in a series that you need to watch sequentially and to create that all you need to do is create a new playlist, then go ahead and hit your settings and then click the check box this is a series playlist.

Now there’s some powerful features for this we’ll have to do it in another post when it comes to series playlist but one thing that you want to keep in mind is when you actually put a video in a series playlist it cannot go into another series playlist it can only go into one.

Now the second type is just an ordinary playlist. You can just create a playlist and make sure that you fill out the description. What I love about this is you can actually organize videos in a specific niche or genre and add additional keywords to that playlist.

What’s great about this is YouTube views it as a new ID and it will be put in search where you’re able to find it in Google search but also on YouTube search.

As people are looking for certain types of videos, they’re able to see a cluster of videos in a playlist that are all about a specific topic.

The things that I like about it is that you can really vary the type of place that you can create and you can add more content to your YouTube channel without uploading new videos.

One thing that I found is that most content creators actually just create a few playlists and then they let it go and they’ll add their videos to the playlist or whatever.

There needs to be a content release strategy with playlists and what I would encourage you guys to do is if you’re doing daily content to do at least one new playlist a week.

If you’re doing every other week content at least one new playlist every month and if you’re just doing monthly content you could do a playlist every other month and that should be fine.

There’s some real power when you actually create playlists because you’re creating a digital ID that YouTube recognizes as new content.

What you don’t want to do is create a playlist at the same time that you’re uploading a video. That’s a very bad thing because you’re creating two IDs at the same time.

The best way to do it is just add your video to an established playlist and in 12 hours you can create a brand new playlist and add any videos that you want to it.

That way it shows in the feed that people see that you actually created a new playlist. YouTube sees it too, that you’re not trying to clutter up all your uploads or creating those IDs all at once and that’s a pretty big deal.

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The Power Of YouTube Playlists – Conclusion

I’d really love to hear your thoughts if you actually use playlist as a strategy for your YouTube channel go ahead and put it in the comments below and also if you do how often do you actually create those playlists.

Make sure to check out some of my other posts that will help shorten you’re learning curve and if you have any questions leave them below and I’ll make sure to respond.


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