Sales Funnels Options
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Sales Funnels Options

Have you been wanting to build a sales funnel but have no idea which of the sales funnel options is right for you? Hey, I get it and in this article  we are going to be talking about some of the best sales funnel solutions.

We’re going to talk about a done for you solution, a do it yourself solution and a extreme tight budget do it yourself solution. So, I’m going to run through those options and then do the pros and cons of each.

Let’s kick things off here.

First we have the done-for-you solution which is Click Funnels, then you have the do it yourself version which is Thrive Themes or Optimize Press.

Sales Funnels Options – Click Funnels

Let’s start with the Ferrari of the three and that is Click Funnels. Now what’s cool about Click Funnels it’s a 100% hosted solution for you that does all of the fun backend stuff.

Really it’s like any other landing page builder except it includes all the page types you need to put together a sales funnel. so one of the big pros of this is that you don’t have to really touch any back-end code.

What’s really cool about this is it’s designed specifically to create sales funnels. Where most page builders kind of fall short is they’re pretty much a landing page and thank-you page and maybe they have some sales page templates but that’s about it.

Click Funnels has you covered on all fronts and in there super easy interface you can actually choose whether or not you’re doing a sales funnel, you’re doing a launch funnel or you’re doing a webinar funnel.

It will automatically create all the pages for you and it’s really easy to go through step by step and put together the funnel for you, then you just edit the page templates.

Another big part of Click Funnels is it includes a shopping cart where the other two solutions I’m going to go over actually don’t include shopping carts.

You can wind up paying a hundred to two hundred dollars a month for shopping cart software so the fact that Click Funnels weighs in at just $97 a month is a really really sweet deal if you have that cash to spend.

The biggest Pro is it is a huge time saver, it’s going to be the fastest and easiest to implement of the three because you are paying a premium for them to do a lot of the hard work for you.

Now the big Con or downside essentially is the cost and the control. In terms of cost it’s going to cost you around $1,164 a year, that’s the $97 a month plan which is what I recommend. I wouldn’t recommend the $297 a month plan.

You don’t have to really touch that if you’re just getting started and that’s a pretty steep price point especially when lots of that money could be spent on growing your social media channel or spending money on advertising.

Con number two is if you ever want to leave Click Funnels you’re going to have to rebuild everything in another place, that’s kind of self-explanatory but that’s just a downside of software as the solution services and page builders.

Remember, if it’s not on your own WordPress site you don’t really own it, you don’t get to take it with you. Speaking of WordPress that leads us to option number two which is the do-it-yourself sales funnel style using Thrive Themes or Optimize Press.

Learn more about Click Funnels

Sales Funnels Options – Do It Yourself

The big advantage of doing it yourself is you actually own everything that you’re building, it’s on your own site. On the flip side, when something goes wrong you don’t have any support to say “hey,something’s broken can you please fix it.”

You are going to have to learn a little bit of HTML and get comfortable with WordPress, which I think every entrepreneur should at some level. However it’s a steeper learning curve and it takes a tremendous amount of time, so you are essentially looking at time vs. money.

Click Funnels costs $1,100 versus this solution, where if you’re purchasing Thrive Themes or Optimize Press you’re going to pay around $100 or $200 depending on the version you get per year.

You do save a tremendous amount of money however another con here that I have to point out is with the self hosted solution you’re still going to have to look for a shopping cart especially if you’re doing ecommerce or a membership site.

You’re going to be looking at Thrive Cart or Sam Cart and that’s anywhere from another 20 to 50 dollars a month so the math breaks down like this. The total cost with Sam Cart would be five hundred seventy seven dollars for the DIY solution.

However there are plugins out there for WordPress that are anywhere from fifty to a hundred dollars that will allow you to take payments. But then you need to get an SSL certificate and so that would bring the total cost around $300 for per year for the DIY.

Personally it’s the path I recommend out of the three because it gives you full control. You’re able to change things and you’re not paying a really high monthly fee.

Which I can tell you from personal experience when you’re just getting started and your business isn’t exactly making a ton of dough yet that $97 a month becomes a huge drain on your growth.

You should be spending that money on advertising and improving your sales process. You just need to figure out which solution works best for your current situation.

You really can’t go wrong with either builder but I do prefer Thrive Themes just because you have a few more features.

Sales Funnels Options – Duct Tape Solution

If I was starting with absolutely no money at all what would I do for a sales funnel solution? I would use Google Sites, MailChimp, Ever notes, wave accounting or PayPal. Okay so this is going to be a real fun one.

For your landing pages, your sales pages and your content delivery you will use Google Sites. You can use a tool like Bitly or Google shortener to shorten the google site code. That way when you’re sharing it or using it in your ads you don’t have that weird Google sites URL.

Essentially what you do is you use one Google page and you create a web form in MailChimp. MailChimp is free to get started so you create a web form in MailChimp. You put that on a Google site.

You have your headline, you have your bullet points or you can just do a squeeze page with a headline and a cool background and that’s all possible with Google Sites a hundred percent free site.

Then when someone opts in you set Mail Chimp to send them to another Google Sites page which is a thank you page where you can put your sales letter.

At the bottom of the sales page, to collect payments you can use something like Wave Accounting which is free or you can use a PayPal link.

So that is a bare bones way to essentially just get started with absolutely nothing. Now there’s no excuse at all for not having a sales funnel.

No, it’s not going to be the prettiest one in the world but it’s going to get you up, it’s going to get you running and it’s going to help you get started until you can afford one of the first two options.

Obviously the big Pro with this one is it’s a hundred percent free. The big con is it’s definitely a short-term solution and I don’t think it’s very sustainable long term but it will get you started and that’s the important part.

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Sales Funnel Options – Conclusion

Choosing the right sales funnel software is a difficult decision and when you go to try to get an honest review all you see are people promoting the benefits of each software so they can earn a commission.

Listen, if you’re serious about running a online business you will need a sales funnel to build your list. It now comes down to which of the sale funnel options is right for you at this time in your journey.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll be more than happy to share some tips that can point you in the right direction for your business growth.

I hope you got some value out of this article and if you have please share it with your friends and leave a comment.

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