Secrets To Making Money With Fiverr

Secrets To Making Money With Fiverr

In this post I’m going to share some secrets to making money with Fiverr. It’s always great to add some extra income and earning extra cash by providing certain services thru Fiverr is pretty common.

It’s not the only place to provide your services but it’s a great place to start.

Fiverr gives you the ability to sell just about any service you can think of. Are you good at writing, photoshop, video editing, drawing, etc. Fiverr is only limited by your imagination.

There are people making good money offering voice mail impersonations of famous celebrities, sending postcards from exotic locations, doing video testimonials and even painting your message on their body. lol

I know 5 bucks, well actually 3.92 after Fiverr and Paypal take their cut, isn’t much but it does add up and if you have a service or product you can provide quickly that doesn’t take much work, you’re ahead of the game.

Keep in mind some simple tips. Time is money and you want to be able to deliver a gig without much effort or spending too much time.

You don’t want to spend 5 hours writing a 2,000 word article for 5 bucks. Focus on gigs you can perform repeatedly.

Ebooks are a good example of a gig you can perform repeatedly. You could also make a video about the town you live in showing all the interesting places.

Anything that you can think of that you can sell over and over with little additional work are the best.

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Setting Up Your Fiverr Gig

Create Your Title – You want your title to be straight and to the point. Keep it short and give people what they are looking for. An example would be: “I will Create a Professional Logo For Your Business In 24hours for $5.”

Create Your Gigs Description – Notice what some of the top sellers are using in their descriptions but please don’t copy and paste. Just use for an idea to create your own unique description. Fiverr will ban you if you copy and paste.

Create Tags and Keywords – People don’t realize the importance of setting up your tags correctly. It is one of the most important factors in how Fiverr will rank you in their search results.

Create a Great Gig Image – Study some of the other gigs that are similar to yours, do their images stand out? Create an eye catching image and you’re off to a good start.

Secrets To Making Money With Fiverr Quick Start Tips

After you have completed the steps above and want to get your gig noticed quicker simply ask a couple of friends to purchase your gig, leave some great reviews and pay them back.

Something else that will help quicken your ranking is if you purchase a gig that will send a couple of hundred visitors to your link.

I hope this article has given you some ideas about making money with Fiverr and as always if you have any questions just reach out.

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