Setting Up Your Thank You Page

Setup Your Thank You Page


When I began my newsletter years ago I really didn’t understand how beneficial it can be to setup your thank you page. I knew I needed a page to redirect my subscribers to once they signed up.

But because I was in a rush to get it set up, I redirected them to the archives page of my newsletter.

First Mistake

When I had some free time I went back and made a thank you page that simply stated, “Thank you for subscribing. Your first issue will arrive shortly.” and listed the archives.

Second Mistake

What I failed to realize was when I set up those two pages I had my visitor’s attention. They were already interested in what I had to say because I convinced them to sign up for my newsletter or eCourse and I let them get away.

I missed an opportunity. I missed potential profits.

Monetize Your Thank You Page

When I setup my new thank you page I included the standard “thank you” and “make sure you look for your confirmation email”. I also instructed them to make sure they added me to their safe senders/white list to ensure they receive my emails.

But this time I included “You may also be interested in these additional free offers:” and listed a free eBook, the opportunity to sign up for a free eCourse, and information about my favorite business author – all using my affiliate links.

Guess what happened? When I checked my affiliate stats, my click through rate increased 100% in just two days. Almost every person who subscribed to my newsletter also subscribed to the free eCourse I offered. My affiliate sales for the three products I promoted have doubled.

I had been publishing my newsletter for five months and it makes me sick to think about how much money I had missed out on because I didn’t take the time to talk to my visitors.

Do you know what’s mind blowing? Not only did it only take me 30 minutes to set up the new thank you page, it didn’t cost me a dime. I already had all the information tucked away in my personal affiliate tool kit and was just too lazy to pull it out and put it to use.

Don’t make the same mistakes. Take a look at the page you’re redirecting your new subscribers to. Are you offering targeted product recommendations? Are you keeping them with you or just letting them close that window to possibly never return?

Take thirty minutes of your time and the resources you already have available to you and setup your thank you page the right way.

Your bank account will thank you.

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