Sourcing Opportunities For Selling On Ebay Amazon

Sourcing Opportunities For Selling On Ebay Amazon

Okay guys today I want to talk about all of the places that you can source. Some of them you might not know about, some of them you might not have thought about doing in a while. Either way we’re gonna talk about some sourcing opportunities out there.

The first place I want to talk about is a place you’ve probably heard me talk about before but a lot of us don’t like to talk about it, because when you get into the area of sharing where you can buy retail items the places usually start to get really competitive.

Closeout Stores

A lot of the times you can find plenty of good sellable merchandise at places like dollar tree or closeout stores like Big Lots. These stores are good places to do retail arbitrage because you can usually buy multiple quantities and you can buy them at price points that are low.

The only downside to sourcing at these locations is that they are national chains so that means that your competition can buy the exact same items as you which can sort of over saturate the market and kind of drive the prices down a little bit.

But if you’re willing to buy that merchandise and hold on to it and wait for it to sell at the price you want it’s a perfect sourcing opportunity because it’s really easy and it’s a place to get good stuff for a cheap price.

Grocery Stores

In that same area do not underestimate grocery stores. Usually every single time I go grocery shopping I will double-check all of the clearance sections that includes food clearance.

I will look at things like bubble gum, mints, food items that have expiration dates way way out so that I can list them for sale and sell them within plenty of time of hitting the expiration date.

Not only that but grocery stores will put things like cosmetics on clearance or kitchen items on clearance. You would be really amazed at what you can find at the grocery store in the clearance section that will sell online.

Staying in that same kind of area there are certain websites that you can subscribe to and look at weekly that will tell you items that you can buy for a really low discounted price.

Online Marketplaces

Either in person, at the store or online marketplaces like Amazon it could be the kind of situation where there’s a lightning deal on Amazon or maybe a website that has a particular coupon code.

This would allow you to buy something at a low enough price to where you would be able to purchase it through that website and then turn around and resell it on Amazon,eBay or Poshmark.

A lot of people utilize websites like Craigslist or Offer Up to buy merchandise low enough to resell online. Did you know that Craigslist has a free section?

If you ever want to get free merchandise to potentially sell either locally or online you can go to the free section of Craigslist and see what kind of curb alerts there are or the kind of merchandise that people just want out of their house and they’re willing to give it away.

I have personally come across several listings where I live locally of people that have done garage sales that have a whole bunch of stuff left over and they just want to get rid of it because maybe their moving.

They just put it up on Craigslist and say come get my crap, I don’t want it anymore. So don’t forget to check that almost daily if you want a lot of inventory and don’t underestimate being able to sell free things locally as well.

Just because somebody is giving away something big, if you don’t want to sell it online you could turn around and sell it on Facebook marketplace or Offer Up for a profit and it would all be profit.

Don’t underestimate sourcing on eBay. Now I’m not necessarily talking about buying things on eBay to resell on eBay, I’m talking about crossing platforms.

I’m talking about buying things on eBay to sell on Amazon, buying things on Amazon to sell on eBay. Sometimes if you’re buying and selling from the same platform to the same platform it’s a lot more difficult but you can buy on one platform to sell on another.

A really good website to use for this kind of thing is I know it’s a funny name but it’s a site that will search eBay for particular items that have misspellings in the title.

So if you’re looking for a certain brand of designer or if you’re looking for a certain item and somebody has misspelled it in the title chances are it wouldn’t turn up in a regular search. allows you to find the listings with those discrepancies so that you can potentially buy them at a much lower price because there’s no competition just because somebody screwed up the title.

Have People Come To You

The last tip that I have for you is to put out an ad and let the people come to you rather than using your precious time to scroll through ads or look through Craigslist or hunt racks at Goodwill.

Something that you can do is to just put out a listing that tells people what you’re looking for or what you’re willing to buy from them. That way you let the buyers come to you.

What you could do to try to save yourself some time is you could do a listing either on Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, Offer Up or Let Go. Just put up one listing that says “hey I want to buy your jeans, contact me with brands and prices” and boom it’s done.

I have people coming to me saying things like I have this brand, this size and this is what I want for it. From there I would be able to negotiate with them if their price points were too high.

A lot of the times people think that I’m going to pay the prices that they want but that’s not always the case. Most of the time they want outrageous prices so from that point on I could say well I’m willing to give you five dollars per pair and they could either choose to accept it or decline it.

I just move on with my day but doing this one ad would allow me to have dozens if not well over a hundred people coming to me saying “hey I have jeans will you buy them” so it saves me time. I don’t have to spend that energy sourcing and just let all of the stuff come to me.

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Sourcing Opportunities For Selling On Ebay & Amazon – Conclusion

Of course there are many other places to source from but it’s a good idea to find niche specific stores to avoid a lot of the competition.

Making money selling physical products can be very profitable but keep in mind it is an ongoing process that takes a consistent effort. Always having to keep finding new inventory can be frustrating.

Here’s something to think about before we’re finished. What if you started selling digital products? With digital products you never have to restock your inventory or worry about shipping.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them down in the comments below. Don’t forget to check out some of my other articles that will shorten your learning curve.

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