How To Start A Successful YouTube Channel

How To Start A Successful YouTube Channel

Are you finally ready to learn how to start a successful YouTube channel? Starting a YouTube channel is the perfect example of getting out of your comfort zone. I’ve had many people tell me they need to start but still a couple of years later, no channel.

Hey, I get it! Those first 5-6 videos are the toughest. But you need to know that you’re fully capable of it and there are proven practices and models to put into place.

Here are five tips that will help when you’re starting your channel from scratch and if you focus on these things, it’s going to help you grow much further, much faster.

Branding Your YouTube Channel

At the start you’re going to need to brand your channel because when people land on your channel on YouTube, you only have a matter of seconds to tell them why they should stick around and subscribe.

You really need to get their attention the second they come to your channel. They need to know what your channel’s all about, what you’re going to be discussing, what you’re an expert in and what they’re going to get out of your channel.

If you provide valuable content that helps people achieve a goal or solve a problem then they will understand why they need to subscribe to your channel. But you have to tell them what it is that you’re going to give them.

So what I recommend you do is think about your channel and pretend you’re someone who would be seeing it for the first time and think to yourself, “Does this tell me why I should subscribe to this?

Does the channel art and description stand out? If it doesn’t, you have some changes to make.

Use Leverage To Grow Your YouTube Channel

The second tip is to leverage your existing audience. If you have a following on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or wherever it might be, those are people who are already committed to you and already care about what you have to say.

You should also leverage your email list. It doesn’t matter what size, those people are interested in your content and what you have to say. It is a great advantage to use when you’re starting on YouTube to leverage your other platforms where you have an audience.

I would recommend you do this with every new video that you put out. Share each video across all these different platforms so that you’re getting more eyes on it rather than just waiting for people on YouTube to find it.

You have to create your own audience for your videos, especially if you’re starting from scratch. You need to pull your audience into YouTube to watch your videos and get them used to the fact that this is a platform you’re going to be posting on regularly.

Now I know you may be saying, “But I don’t have an audience on any other platforms.”, hey, that’s okay. A great thing to do is actually use your YouTube videos to answer frequently asked questions and just drop links so people consistently drive over to your YouTube channel.

Create Valuable Content

The third tip is creating valuable content. Your video content does matter! If you’re starting from scratch, you don’t need to get hung up on all the technical aspects, it’s really about just starting and offering great content.

Start putting content out there. Do your research about what people are struggling with or want to learn. I always say, if you help people achieve a goal or solve a problem you will grow a following.

Don’t get stressed out when you’re first starting with your videos just keep creating content. Some of you’re videos won’t get many views, some won’t get any engagement, but you will start to learn slowly but surely what your audience is interested in.

The only way to know what your audience is going to be interested in is actually doing it and putting content out there and you’ll often be surprised at the pieces of content that do hit.

Remember, the best thing you can do if you’re starting your channel from scratch is doing research to figure out what people in your potential audience want to know about in your related niche.

Here’s a great example that will give you a better understanding.

You can visit other youtubers in your niche and check out the comment section. You can do this on popular channels that don’t have time to answer all the questions in there comment section.

You can take a look at all the questions that are being asked over and over again by their community members that aren’t being answered and make a video answering that specific question.

It can turn into one of your highest viewed videos because you are the only person who actually paid attention to what the audience was asking and made a video serving up that answer.

So it doesn’t even need to be from your audience, it could be from someone else’s who has a very similar audience that you’re trying to attract.

So starting out with your first video you have data on what your audience wants. It’s actually all out there waiting for you to look at.

You just have to take the time to do the research on other people’s channels, platforms and websites, FAQ sections to figure out what it is that your audience and your ideal customer really needs and wants to know.

That’s the kind of video content that is going to perform really well, especially when you first get started.

The truth is, when you’re starting from scratch on YouTube, no one cares about you on YouTube. Same goes for me. Same goes for anybody else, unless you’re a huge celebrity.

So when you’re starting from scratch, you have to figure out what’s already working out there and realize that what people want from you is valuable content, entertaining content, educational content, and inspirational content.

So if you can do one of those things, that’s what people are looking for from you. It’s not about who you are, what you do and why you do it. Nobody really is here to learn your life story in the very beginning on YouTube. They really want to know how you can impact them or add value to them.

So a good example of this is the cult phenomenon on YouTube, which is ASMR. It’s basically … kind of like brain massages. It’s a phenomenon of high sensitivity audio that puts people into a sedative, sort of relaxed state.

And there are millions of ASMR channels out there and millions of channels with a lot of subscribers because there’s such a high demand for this kind of information and content out there.

So it doesn’t really matter about the person who’s even delivering the content. It matters more so that they’re doing exactly what the audience is requiring and expecting from them, which is this high sensitivity audio experience.

So that’s a very random sort of weird examples to give, but that just proves to you that it doesn’t even matter who the delivering messenger is of it. It more so matters that the viewer is getting what they want.

So the viewer just wants the value that they’re looking for and then once you give that to them, then they become subscribers, then they build a relationship with you, and then it creates this cult following.

So that’s really important to understand when it comes to your video content.

Pay Attention To Your YouTube Analytics

Another tip you really need to pay attention to your analytics from day one. You need to pay attention to what videos are getting the most views, which videos are getting more engagement than others, and most importantly, where is your traffic coming from on YouTube, what are your traffic sources.

Ideally in the beginning you want to see that your traffic is coming from suggested or from YouTube search. Those are the two that you really want to focus on it and you want to see at the top of the results in your analytics.

There’s a lot of things to look at when it comes to analytic, but those are the main two pieces that I focused on in the beginning to figure out where the traffic was coming from and of course paying attention to which videos were performing better than others.

Then continue to make more content like that because that’s the kind of content that is generating a ton of views and subscribers for my channel, that was helping me dominate one specific niche and space.

How To Start A Successful YouTube Channel – Conclusion

Even if you feel like you’re at the very beginning stage and you have no followers, no subscribers, you can do this. You just have to be very strategic and crafty about it, particularly in the beginning.

Once you build an audience, then you have free reign to really do what you want on your channel, but you have to build an audience in the right way, particularly for YouTube because it’s a whole different ballgame and that’s going to allow you to have that freedom later on.

If you enjoyed this article, I would love to know in the comments below what your biggest takeaway was.

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