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In this post I’m going to give you an overview and my honest Thrive Themes review. I’m also going to share the 8 reasons why I use and recommend this powerful set of WordPress plugins.

This Thrive Themes review should help you decide if Thrive Themes is worth purchasing and if it’ll give you what you’ll need to create your own desired results.

I’ve been using their products for over 3 years now on many of my niche sites and I’m still an active user, so this is a genuine recommendation.

First off let me give you an overview and explain what Thrive Themes is. Thrive Themes is a set of premium wordpress plugins that expand the functionality of WordPress.

These are themes and plugins built from the ground up to make your entire website convert more of your visitors into subscribers, customers and clients.

Even though the name Thrive Themes makes it sound like they are offering WordPress themes, their main products are in fact WordPress plugins.

They do still have existing themes and I do believe they’re developing new themes, but the main selling point is their plugins. The complete set is made up of 10 individual plugins.

Let’s take a look at each one of them in more detail.

Thrive Themes Review – Thrive Architect Plugin

This plug-in is a visual content builder for WordPress that lets you use a drag-and-drop interface to create pages and posts. This tool has been a game changer for me.

It makes it simple and fun to create all types of pages, including opt-in, pages and sales pages. Instead of using the default WordPress editor, you can edit any page or post using Thrive Architect and make use of all their design elements.

These include paragraphs, headings, images, buttons, columns, background sections, content boxes, countdown timers, pricing tables, custom menus icons, opt-in boxes, table of contents, toggles, video embeds, testimonials and much more.

The other great thing in Thrive Architect is that you can create templates and what they call symbols. A template is a section that you can easily save and then reuse on another page.

A symbol is essentially a master section that you can create once and then you use it on various pages.

If you need to change it then you can simply change the master section, the symbol, which will then automatically update anywhere on your site, where that symbol has been used.

As you can imagine, this saves a ton of time. Thrive Architect also comes with an extensive library of free landing page templates that you can use for your opt-in and sales pages.

This again is a huge time-saver as you can start with a template and then customize it based on your needs.

There are a ton of templates to choose from, depending on your needs and the Thrive team keeps adding new templates to the library, so that’s Thrive Architect.

Learn More About Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes Review – Thrive Leads Plugin

The Thrive Leads plugin makes it simple to create opt-ins, call-to-actions and strategically add them to specific pages and posts across your site.

The nine types of opt-ins are in content, lightbox, post, footer, ribbon, screen filler, scroll, mat, slide in widget, and PHP insert.

You create the opt-in then you design the element using a visual drag-and-drop editor, and then you can add it to specific pages and posts. You can easily exclude pages and posts that you don’t want the opt-in to appear on.

Thrive Leads also tracks conversion metrics within the plugin in WordPress, so for each opt-in, the plugin tracks impressions, opt-ins and the conversion rate.

This gives you the data to understand which opt-in is performing best and which one needs to be improved on.

Thrive Architect and Thrive Leads are the two plugins that I use most frequently on my niche sites, but this is just the beginning.

Thrive Themes Review – Thrive Ovations Plugin

This plugin lets you gather and display testimonials for social proof. It’s essentially a testimonial management system that works within WordPress.

You can use Thrive Ovations to capture new testimonials from customers on your site, review them in the backend of WordPress and approve them and build up a library of your own testimonials.

You can manage them using tags and then smartly display them on relevant sales pages based on those tags. So it’s an extremely powerful system.

Thrive Themes Review – Thrive Ultimatum Plugin

This plugin lets you create evergreen countdown campaigns to use scarcity as part of your online marketing.

You can create fixed ad campaigns, automatically recurring campaigns and ultimate evergreen systems that create a custom experience for each of your potential buyers.

This plug-in makes it easy to build scarcity right into your campaign to encourage your visitors to convert.

Thrive Themes Review – Headline Optimizer Plugin

This plugin lets you test your blog post titles. You can set up multiple blog post titles for an individual post and the plugin will test the different titles against each other.

It will then automatically decide which title is the best one and then set the winner automatically. This is another powerful tool that can be used to increase clicks and engagement on your site.

Thrive Themes Review – Thrive Clever Widgets Plugin

The Thrive Clever Widgets plugin lets you display sidebar widgets based on categories tags, post types and individual posts and pages.

This means that you can customize the sidebar experience based on what content your website visitor is consuming.

You can, for example, show a related blog posts that are related to a specific post that the visitor is reading or you can display specific ads that are related to the content that your visitor is viewing.

This lets you customize the visitor experience and improve engagement and conversions.

Thrive Themes Review – Thrive Quiz Builder Plugin

The Thrive quiz builder plugin lets you boost website engagement by making use of online quizzes hosted right on your WordPress site.

You may have seen popular online quizzes that let you determine what personality type you have or if you can correctly guess all countries in Africa, etc.

This plugin makes it simple for you to create your own quizzes for your visitors and based on their answers you can display dynamic content, get them to opt in to your email list and even tag them as an email subscriber based on their responses.

You can also give them the opportunity to share their quiz result to social media as a shareable image.

Another use for the Thrive quiz builder is segmenting your audience based on their needs. You can, for example, create a three question quiz to determine how best to serve your website visitor.

If you, for example, have a fitness website, you can use a three question quiz to determine if the visitor is male or female, how old they are and what they main fitness goal is based on the answers.

You can then display dynamic content and offer them a targeted opt in offer that is customized to their needs.

Thrive Themes Review – Thrive Comments Plugin

This plugin converts your WordPress comments and makes them more fun and engaging, similar to the way the commenting system works on Facebook and Reddit.

With Thrive comments you can easily let your visitors upvote or downvote other comments. You can feature specific comments at the top of the feed.

Your comments are highlighted as the author or the owner of the site and you can let your visitors unlock badges based on the actions.

All of this in a well-designed commenting system while keeping comments on your WordPress site without using some external third-party solution.

Thrive Themes Review – Thrive Optimized Plugin

This plugin lets you run A/B tests on your landing pages inside of WordPress and then decide which version of your landing page is performing best.

Usually you would need a separate platform or service to run complex A/B tests. With Thrive Optimize the process is simple, effective and affordable.

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Thrive Themes Review – Thrive Apprentice Plugin

Last but not least, we have the Thrive Apprentice plugin. This lets you create courses on your WordPress site. Your courses can be made up of modules and lessons.

They’ve developed an integration with SendR, which is a shopping cart solution that gives you the freedom and opportunity to host, sell and deliver your courses right from your site, without the need of other external course platforms.

Thrive Themes Review – Conclusion

So that sums up the 10 plugins that make up the Thrive Themes plugin toolbox but there’s one more thing to discuss and that is Thrive Themes.

As part of their membership Thrive Themes does provide WordPress themes that you can use and they are still available.

Currently, you cannot buy these themes separately anymore, but they are there if you need them and they work well with all other Thrive Themes plugins.

So that’s everything that makes up the Thrive Themes toolbox and keep in mind that all of this functionality becomes available to you inside of WordPress.

Unlike all the other landing page and funnel platforms, your landing pages, opt-ins, quizzes, comments, A/B tests and countdown timers, remain on your WordPress site. This is a crucial factor to keep in mind.

Now you can buy each of these plugins individually for a once-off price and use them on a single site or you can get all the Thrive plugins by purchasing the Thrive Themes membership at an affordable, monthly or yearly price.

My personal advice is if you’re only going to be using one or two plugins on a single site, then I’d recommend purchasing those plugins individually and you’ll get lifetime updates without paying a recurring fee.

However, if you’ll be using more than three plugins on one or multiple sites, then definitely consider getting the Thrive membership. Currently, the membership price is still extremely reasonable.

If you’re considering buying it, then I’d strongly recommend acting soon and lock yourself into the low price, because the price will most likely increase soon as they release new plugins and updates.

Thrive Themes Review – Why I Love It

As promised I want to share with you the eight reasons why I use and recommend Thrive Themes.

Number One is Premium Plugins. Unlike many other inferior free plugins Thrive Themes provides premium plugins that regularly get updated. They keep making improvements and release new useful features.

Number Two is Compatibility. Thrive Themes plugins add functionality to WordPress and work with most, if not all themes.

So whatever theme you are currently using you can install Thrive Architect and build landing pages using their templates or from scratch, no matter what the styling of your theme is,

Number Three is Integrations. Thrive Leads integrates smoothly with many of the most popular email. Marketing providers, including MailChimp, Convertkit, Drip, Active Campaign and many more.

They recently released an update to support MailChimp tags, which means that, as a visitor opts into a form, you can tag them accordingly, based on the topic or context there.

Number Four is Video Updates. Thrive Themes regularly releases new videos, highlighting new features and best practices to help their customers get the most from their products.

They do a great job at keeping their customers updated and the videos make it easy to follow along.

Number Five is Great Customer Support. I’ve been very happy with customer support and recently they’ve revamped their customer support ticketing system, making it easier to submit support tickets.

You can also give their support team temporary access to a specific site so they can provide that support. This update has been a great improvement.

Number Six is Engaged and Responsive Team. Reading the blog posts on Thrive Themes and the comments you’ll see that they have an engaged and responsive team. They answers questions quickly and take note of future requests.

Number Seven is Satisfied Customers. Everyone will have their opinion and their favorite tools and platforms, but I personally know colleagues and friends of mine that also use and recommend Thrive Themes.

If you take a look at the customer feedback and comments, you’ll see that there are a ton of happy customers.

Number Eight is Affordability. For what you pay, you’re getting a ton of value. In order to achieve some of these results using other tools you’ll be spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on other plugins, platforms and services.

Not to mention the time that you’ll need to invest and the complexity of integrating other tools. That being said, I’m happy to pay for the membership.

So there you have it my overview and Thrive Themes review. I highly recommend their products and I’m happy to answer any questions in the comments below.

If you found this Thrive Themes review useful make sure to share it with your friends. Make sure to check back soon as I share different internet marketing topics 3-4 times a week.

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