Thanks for stopping by to check out my Thumbnail Blaster Software Review. If you’re anything like me and struggle with creating eye catching designs, this tool is for you.

Actually, I’m gonna be showing you a demonstration of Thumbnail Blaster. Now you might have seen this product or you might be curious about Thumbnail Blaster and you wanted to get a little bit more information about it.

So I’ve created this video to actually show you the inside of it and actually do a quick demonstration on how you can actually create simple thumbnails for your youtube videos. Now, just to let you guys know, I’m super non techie and super non creative.

I’m not a graphics person at all so this is a good opportunity to be able to make some thumbnails on the fly. I used to outsource a lot of my thumbnails to Fiverr but now I use this tool because it saves me time and money.

They have a lot of preset templates that you can choose from, and I’m literally gonna show you how you can create a thumbnail in like two minutes using this software, So let’s jump right in.

Thumbnail Blaster Software Review

So this is Thumbnail Blaster and I’m just gonna log in and then we’re gonna make a quick thumbnail all right.

So I’ve actually logged into my account for a thumbnail blaster and just so you guys know the whole system has training videos on step-by-step how to do this.

So if you’re non techie like me and you’re not creative. This is a simple way to actually create some eye catching thumbnails for your videos.

So there’s training videos here you can actually go through and watch. All the videos show you step-by-step on how to create these nice thumbnails.

So basically, what I’ve done is I’ve already logged into my account and here are some thumbnail examples that you can actually just re-edit.

So I’m gonna show you guys how to do one really quick. I’m gonna pick a random one, let’s say we’re gonna do this one here, so this is make your first 100 online today.

So when I click on that, I’m gonna use template and then it’s going to come up where I’m able to use the editor. Don’t worry, they have videos throughout the whole process showing you how to do everything.

Everything you see here is customizable, you can change fonts, you can change colors and you can change out the image which we’re going to do. We can actually do it very, very quick.

I’m gonna create another title, “5 ways to make $100” and then down here “per day online”. So now we have “5 ways to make $100 per day online”.

Now say I want to put my picture here. All I have to do is just click on the picture, and then you can see it says change image. I can click on that and then uploaded an image.

So I can actually click the image that I want and then where it says replace image, I click replace image and then my image comes up. What I can do now is click on my image and move it around.

So right now it looks like I’m very small but you can take the end of it and pull it, drag it to make it bigger. So I can make it bigger and then I can pull my face or my body back up and kind of stick it there right.

Literally in less than 2 minutes I’ve just created a thumbnail. Now is this the most professional thumbnail that you see like the graphics designers? No, maybe not but this is definitely good looking.

Once you buy Thumbnail Blaster, it’s just a one-time fee then you can make as many of these thumbnails you want on the fly. After you create your thumbnails just save it and download it and then upload it to YouTube.

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Thumbnail Blaster Software Review – Conclusion

I hope this Thumbnail Blaster Software Review was helpful and you put it to use on your YouTube channel. I would love to see what you come up with.

I used to spend a decent amount of money getting my thumbnails created for my channel but now with Thumbnail Blaster I don’t have to worry about it.

I can pull up a quick template and edit it real quick, throw a picture up there, save it, download it, upload it to YouTube and be ready to go.

I hope that if you’re using YouTube that you are creating thumbnails that catch the eye. That’s the main goal, get people to click that thumbnail to watch your video.

It’s great to have some nice clean templates so that you’re ready to go and put something up really quick! Plus, you have something that’s really good looking.

Thumbnail Blaster let’s you do this quickly without being technical or a graphics designer.

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