The Top 2 Reasons 95% Of People Fail With Affiliate Marketing

The Top 2 Reasons 95% Of People Fail With Affiliate Marketing

Today I want to discuss why most people fail with affiliate marketing and I’m going to give you guys my two major reasons. I want to tell you those exact mistakes that way you can avoid them because I want you to be successful in your affiliate marketing journey.

I know it’s hard to know who to learn from when you’re being bombarded with emails from everyone who claims to be an expert. They make everything sound so easy but once you realize that they only ask you to buy and never provide value you can eliminate a lot of them.

You Must Provide Value

The number one reason but I see people fail in affiliate marketing is that people are too focused on taking. Taking, taking, taking and not enough focus on giving. I see this every single day in people’s funnels.

People who focus on taking and I mean selling they’re not giving enough value. That’s the main key, giving value and not trying to take all the time or at least not trying to take in the beginning of a consumer interaction.

As soon as somebody actually enters a person’s funnel they immediately hit them with affiliate offer after affiliate offer after affiliate offer. The first 5 emails are all about selling, they’re never giving any value and of course nobody’s going to buy from that guy.

Nobody likes being sold to, that’s the first key. The second part of that is when you’re selling to somebody over and over and over again what are you really giving them?

Why, what reason are you giving them to purchase a product you are going to be sending them? Sure it should be some sort of relevant affiliate product that can help them potentially solve their problem but why should they buy from you over everybody else in the market?

Especially when there are literally thousands of other people in the same niche selling the same exact product as you. Why should they buy from you over the other guy?

One of the easiest ways you can distinguish yourself from everybody else is just by giving value, giving away free content, free valuable information to the consumer before you actually sell them.

That’s very very easy to do. You can do that in the form of a free ebook, free training, a free video or free article. Whatever it is, just send them something for free first before you actually focus on selling.

Before you ask them to give you their hard-earned money give them something in advance. The odds of them actually purchasing from you go up significantly after you hit them with value email after value email.

Think of it this way, are you more likely to purchase from somebody who sends you five emails every single day saying “hey buy this”, “buy this”, “buy this”. Nobody is going to purchase like that.

But what if for example you were to send them free value after free value for five days straight and on the sixth day of your email sequence you share an affiliate product with them.

That sixth email could say “hey I know you’ve having this problem and I know I’ve been helping you out thru the free content, free articles, free videos or whatever but here’s this incredible product that will solve that problem better and more effectively.

They’re much more likely to purchase it from you because at this point you’ve built up trust, built up rapport with the customer and that’s one of the keys. They have to trust you before they purchase from you.

Who’s actually bought something from somebody they didn’t trust? People don’t purchase from people they don’t trust, that’s just natural human instinct, that’s a natural human behavior.

So how do we as affiliate marketers adapt to that? Just focus on giving value first and focus on selling later. It will work out better for you and honestly it’s not that hard and you don’t have to give away everything.

Make sure there’s enough value that the consumer is happy and that they trust you and they understand “hey this person is genuinely trying to help me”. That’s what you’re going for guys and gals.

Now there’s nothing wrong with being a salesperson we all got to be salespeople at some point in our lives but we must focus on giving and being friendly and actually genuine people first.

Put In The Work

The second reason is that people do not put in the work necessary to actually see the success that they want in affiliate marketing. This goes across all online business models.

I don’t care if it’s Amazon, Clickbank, JV Zoo, Ecom, MLM, whatever it is it goes across all business models because people are getting emails from marketers that sell a lifestyle more than they actually sell the reality.

I’m going to tell you the reality of online business and that it is hard work. It takes months if not years to build a successful online brand or an online business.

I see way too many people wanting to start an online business or start with affiliate marketing with the idea they’re going to come in and within a week, two weeks they have their business fully running.

It’s going to be fully operational and within a month they’ll be clearing $2,000-$5,000 a month. That’s just not how it works but again I blame that on the people that are calling themselves Gurus selling these courses that make these false promises.

They’ll say you can go from zero to five thousand dollars in 30 days. Is it possible, has it happened? Yes, it is possible and yes, it has happened but the reality is that that is not the normal circumstance.

If it was that easy everybody would have been doing this years ago and the reason I feel like I have to tell you this is because I see this happening all the time.

I get messages, I see the comments saying “hey I’ve been in affiliate marketing for about a month and a half I’ve only made $200 profit where am I going wrong” and I tell them “you’re not going wrong, you’re in the profit zone, you’re already doing something right.”

The fact that you’re actually making money and not losing money, that is a win. So many businesses especially in today’s age operate at a loss for the first year or two, they might even go out of business.

If you’re actually making a profit within the first month or two that’s fantastic! I know it might not seem like a lot but what you can do is take that $200 and just keep repeating the process that you’re doing and keep scaling it up.

The next month might be 400, then in three months it might be 800 and before you know it you’re making about $1,500 a month from affiliate marketing.

But again, it’s not going to happen immediately. It’s not going to happen as fast as you might want but it does not mean quit. Just understand it’s going to be work. You’re going to have to push yourself, you’re going to have to grind and stay focused.

The real question is are you ready and willing to do what it takes to build a full-time successful online business?

The Top 2 Reasons 95% Of People Fail With Affiliate Marketing – Conclusion

Those are the two major reasons I see pretty much every day for people failing in affiliate marketing. They’re not putting in the work necessary because they’re not getting the results they want fast enough and they focus on taking and not enough on giving.

I hope this has opened your eyes and helps you decide if this is the type of business you’re looking for. If you’re not committed 100% you will not succeed. If you’ve found this post helpful leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

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