Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Messenger Bots

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Messenger Bots

If you’re still not convinced why you should buy a Facebook Messenger bot or subscribe to a platform to take advantage of this technology, here are 5 top reasons why you should do so.

Reason #1: You can qualify your traffic

When people ask questions, you can use these questions to filter people based on their probability of buying something.

You can also conduct your messaging affairs on Facebook in a more targeted way because you know at the end of the day, you’re trying to drive them to your Facebook Messenger chat bot.

Reason #2: You can subscribe from a wide range of Facebook sub features

By simply calling people to action to check your profile, you can instantly subscribe people from many different places on Facebook. You can also subscribe people from many places outside of Facebook.

How? Well, you can link directly to your business’ Facebook Messenger URL and when they get to your Facebook Messenger, your chat bot kicks in and automates the engagement.

Reason #3: You can pair Facebook Messenger marketing with the classic online sales funnel

Since you know that your prospects will be reaching out to you, you can then set up different conditions for you Facebook chat bot. If the prospect says certain words, the bot sends out a specific message.

You can then chart all of this and optimize it until it leads to more conversions or a much happier customer.

Reason #4: Facebook Messenger chat bots are automated and cheap

The great thing about using a chat bot is you don’t have to hire somebody in America, India or The Philippines. The software does all this automatically.

Basically, it acts as an intake disk. And then, based on the responses of the prospect, they would then get more specific messages. This drops your customer support and sales support costs dramatically.

Also, unlike human beings who get sick, tired or want to form a union, software runs 24/7 without complaint. The bottom line is you can set up an automated conversion system and make money while you sleep.

Reason #5: Less spammy than other methods

This is my favorite reason to be honest. Facebook Messenger is inbound. The engagement doesn’t happen when you send out a bot and it grabs somebody and you talk to them.

No! You basically wait until somebody tells you and then you send them a message plus one after 24 hours. This means that the customer takes the lead. They don’t that they are feel that they are put upon. They don’t feel that you are invading their space.

You then craft the interaction so that it’s built around their needs and you have yourself a golden sales opportunity.


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