Twitter Marketing Tips For Beginners

Twitter Marketing Tips For Beginners

In this article I am going to reveal 12 incredible Twitter marketing tips. These tips are simple to use and produce phenomenal results. So, are you ready? Great, let’s get started!

The first one is to like tweets as often as possible. When you like someone else’s tweet it does not get sent out to all of your followers so you don’t have to worry about overwhelming your followers with a bunch of tweets and retweets.

When you like a tweet the owner of the tweet gets a notification that you like the tweet. These Twitter users will typically read the notification, visit your Twitter profile and a percentage of them are gonna follow you.

When someone likes one of your tweets it really stands out with that red heart for each of the ones that like one of your tweets. Another variation of this is – like tweets that have hashtags related to your target audience.

For me, some of the hashtags that I go after are internet marketing, affiliate marketing, growing your business and business marketing. The one thing you want to make sure you do is whenever you’re doing a search for a hashtag it is on the top left-hand side.

You want to click on latest because you want to like the latest tweets for that hashtag.

One more variation of this is – like tweets that have mentions of other Twitter users that have a similar audience compared to yours. One of the examples that I use quite often with liking tweets that mention someone’s name is that of Miles Beckler.

Just like you did with the hashtags, you’re going to do a Twitter search for the person’s name and then you click on the latest so you see in the latest tweets that have Miles Beckler mentioning them then you just go down the list and you hit the heart button to like them.

Another Twitter marketing tip I like to use is to create a Twitter list and then target people to add to that list. For example if your target audience is food bloggers then you can search Twitter to find all the popular food bloggers that are on Twitter.

When you add them to your food bloggers list they’re gonna get a notification saying that you added them to that list. You want to make sure that you name your list so that it stands out in the notifications.

For example, with my favorite food bloggers. To get to your list within your Twitter profile you just click on the drop-down where your picture is in the top right hand corner and that’ll take you to your list and allow you to add a new list.

Another great Twitter tip is to email your list. Let them know you will retweet any nice mentions. I’ll let my audience know that I will retweet any positive feedback about my podcast that includes a mention of my Twitter username.

The next Twitter marketing tips is to pin your money tweet to the top of your feed. Whatever is the best piece of content that drives people into your funnel, you want that to be pinned to the top of your feed.

What you want to do is eventually get people on your email list. I’m going to walk you through a few examples of great pin tweets that you can learn from.

The first one is that of John Lee Dumas. It reads: “Are you ready to accomplish your number one goal in 100 days? Visit the freedom to learn more about my process”. This is an example of promoting a top product.

Here’s a pin tweet by Pat Flynn that reads: “So this just happened will it fly is now a Wall Street Journal bestseller! OMG this is amazing thank you all”. Then he’s got a screenshot of the Wall Street Journal’s best sellers for nonfiction ebooks.

More Twitter Marketing Tips For Beginners

Another Twitter tip is to embed one of your tweets at the bottom of a blog post. This can be a tweet that links to that specific blog post or it can also be a tweet that links to a related post.

This is going to serve as a virtual internal link to drive them deeper into your blog and this will make it easier to get more retweets and followers as they finish reading your post.

Another way you can get quality engagement at the top of your Twitter feed is to pin a Twitter card to your profile. Twitter cards allow you to have a call-to-action button for signing up to an email list or visiting a landing page.

if you’d like to increase the number of retweets and likes for a specific tweet then I recommend creating an image quote. Buffer has a great free app that does it all for you.

With Buffer you have about 600,000 background images to choose from. Just choose your background image, write out your quote and there you go.

If you’re tweeting out a tweet that has a link in it then you should place your links about 25% of the way in. Studies have found that this placement produces the highest click-through rate of them all.

You should also talk about Twitter in your tweets whenever you can because tweets that mention Twitter receive 22% more clicks than those that don’t.

Tweets with Twitter tips, statistics and infographics will always get lots of retweets. Infographic posts get 83% more retweets than a traditional blog post.

The one takeaway here is that you don’t want to try to push the entire infographic for your image. You want to take a small portion of your infographic that really shows up great within a twitter feed.

Twitter Marketing Tips For Beginners – Conclusion

I hope this post has given you a better overview of how to get started with Twitter. Apply these tips and you’ll start to see you’re followers grow.

Take some time and check out my other articles that cover various topics for growing your business as well as the mindset it takes to reach your goals.

If you have questions about growing your business or are just starting out, don’t hesitate to reach out and I’ll be more than happy to share some tips that will help.


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