Udimi Solo Ads Review

Udimi Solo Ads Review

Hey guys and gals, today I’m going to be sharing my Udimi solo ads review. I’ve stayed away from solo ads just because of the bad rap they’ve gotten but recently a friend shared his results with me and I had to give it a try.lol

If you don’t know what solo ads are I’m gonna cover that quickly. Solo ads are when you buy traffic from someone who has a big email list of active, niche specific, ready to buy people.

As a customer you can easily purchase any desired volume of traffic from their email list. So if you want to buy 100 clicks then you can buy 100 clicks if you want to buy a thousand clicks then you can buy a thousand clicks and even more.

It’s an incredible way to be able to scale quickly if you find the right vendors and Udimi gives you a lot of info about the sellers and past results.

Udimi Marketplace

Using a marketplace such as Udimi protects both the vendor and the buyer and the cool thing about Udimi for solo ads is that they have many reputable vendors to choose from.

They also have a system where you’re be able to see the ratings that people give these sellers. If they give the vendor a thumbs up or a thumbs down it gives you an idea of who to deal with as far is if people are seeing results with that seller.

I’m all for growing my list but I also want to have a chance to make some sales right off the bat and that is what sets Udimi apart from the rest of the solo ad providers.

They have a “I made a sale stat” so you can essentially see how many of the people that purchased actually made a sale from the traffic sent by that vendor.

Udimi has their own filter system so you choose tier 1 traffic which means you’re getting traffic from english speaking countries such as America, Canada, Australia and the U.K.

Nothing against the other countries but it won’t help sending offers to people that don’t speak english or perhaps don’t have the money to purchase your offers. $50.00 in the U.S. is not much but in some other countries that’s a huge amount. Focus on Tier 1 Traffic!

Running Effective Solo Ads On Udimi

Your number one goal when you’re using solo ads should always be to capture all the traffic that you buy onto your own email list. This means that you want to send all that traffic to a capture/landing page where you can get them to opt-in with their name and their email.

This way you can start building your own email list because otherwise you’re only getting one point of contact and that contact is going straight to your affiliate link.

You’ve just spent 35 to 75 cents and you can’t communicate any further because they went straight to the affiliate offer. Sure you might make a sale but you’re fighting a losing battle plus your building the affiliates email list and trust me he’s emailing those people.

You must build your own list and if you don’t know how to set up a capture page or setup a autoresponder just let me know or have someone create one for you.

Don’t let that hold you back, outsource it, shoot me a message or learn to do it yourself but get it done one way or another if you’re serious about building a online business.

The sole purpose of this capture/landing page is to get people to give you their email address so that you can capture the traffic and keep communicating to them through your email autoresponder.

You setup the letters in your autoresponder to automatically go out and follow up with those new prospects because most won’t buy the first time they see the offer. Usually it takes 5-7 times before they make their purchase.

If you have you’re funnel set up correctly it becomes an automated system and you just keep feeding it leads that will grow your business.

Udimi Backoffice

Once you’ve created your free account, log in and find sellers panel. Then you can scroll through there and as I was saying before you can see how many people have given these sellers a thumbs up and how many have given a thumbs down.

You will also see the price per click that you will be paying from these sellers as well as how many have actually made a sale from the from the sellers list on the front end.

You can also go to the tab that says solo deals because on that page you’ll have really high quality sellers that have promotions where they sell their clicks at a discounted price compared to normally because they want to increase their volume.

As you will see these sellers they have 85 or 100% tier 1 traffic and that’s something that we want to make sure that we have and they are Biz opps which is make money online or business opportunity type subscribers.

That’s something that we want because that’s what essentially your offers should be about with solo ads.

When you decide to make your purchase you simply put in the link to your landing page or your affiliate offer and you have the choice to add your own ad text or let the vendor do the actual email writing.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing because these sellers know their email list and they know how to communicate with them depending on who you purchase from.

But if you write great copy or have gotten an exceptional ad to use don’t hesitate to use it. I do for my solo ads but you can split test with one ad from you and one from the seller to see which gets the best results.

Moving on you will see that the base filter is always on, you can’t skip this filter and that’s good because it saves you money buying useless and duplicate traffic.

You then have the prime filter here which is a feature that you’ll get for free if you’re a Udimi Prime member and then you can see that the quality increases thirty four percent.

I usually go with that one because it’s only 3 cents extra per visitor and then the second one that I always do is I only want top-tier traffic. Now you simply select how many visitors you want.

You can also give the seller the option to send earlier than scheduled because that means that they’ll start as soon as they can or as soon as they want to but they do have a time limit on when they can start though.

Click add to cart and you can pay with PayPal, Bitcoin or card. Now this offer expires in 24 hours so the seller has to go in and accept the proposal and accept to do the solo. If they don’t you don’t get charged any money.

Once the seller has accepted they have a certain timeframe where they have to live deliver all those clicks. Almost all of the sellers throw in an extra 10% of clicks so if you buy 100 clicks you get 110.

Udimi Solo Ads Review – Conclusion

If you’ve got good ad text and good capture page and depending on the vendor you should get anywhere from at least 30 – 50 optins and perhaps a two or 3 sales on the front end out of 100.

The sales part of it will come down to the pricing of the product as most people are hesitant to pay a lot of money on seeing a product the first time, that’s where your autoresponder comes in with follow ups.

All of this means you’ve added another 30 to 50 people on to your email list that you can communicate further with and essentially start building your passive income with that email list.

You can do so very easily because you can get the traffic whenever you want it because you’re paying for it. But you must know you’re return on investment.

If you just make enough money on the front end to pay for your ad buy anything after that is pure profit plus you are building your list for free.

Even if you don’t make a frontend sale as long as you make it up on the backend with your emails you’re still building your list for free.

Udimi solo ads has gotten my attention because it gives you a lot of options for vendors and it gives you quality traffic that is essentially going to build your list.

If you’ve got any comments or questions about running solo ads on Udimi, building your landing pages or setting up your autoresponder just let me know.

Here’s a cool bonus for you if you sign up through the banner below you will get a $5 signup bonus that you can use towards buying your own solo ads. I’m starting to get all my traffic using Udimi into one of my businesses.


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