How to Use Nametags on Instagram

How To Use Nametags On Instagram

One big thing that you may have missed on Instagram is called name tags. Maybe you’ve heard people talking about them or maybe you’ve noticed them.

If you hit your three horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner of your Instagram profile maybe you’ve seen name tags under your settings. You may be wondering what the heck is that or how you even use them. Today I’m going to give you the scoop on name tags on Instagram.

What Is a Nametag

A name tag is essentially a scannable image that will take somebody directly to your Instagram profile. We’ll get into the details of if this is or is not necessary in a little bit.

A name tag is just an image, an image file that you keep on your phone in your photos. It’s scannable for other people just like a QR code and it takes them directly to your Instagram profile where they can then hopefully follow.

How Do I Create a Nametag

Start by just opening up the Instagram app. When you open up your app head to your own profile page, once there click those three horizontal lines in the upper right hand corner, I call them the hamburger.

When you click on the hamburger you are going to get a slide out menu, you’ll see insights and your activity and right under that you’ll see a name tag. When you click on name tag you’re going to be taken to a new screen. If you haven’t created one it’ll just auto populate.

So there are a few different options, one is emoji and you can change it by just clicking that middle button where it says emoji. When you click it again it says selfie.

When you click selfie you can hit the photo button, that’s the second from the right and you’ll get a camera to have a picture of yourself. So there’s a bunch of little selfies and if you click it you can change what’s on these selfies.

So those are the options for selfie, now you can click at the top one one more time and then we’ve got color. Now to change what it looks like for color to get different color options you’re just gonna tap the background.

You can go through all of them and choose your favorite then you want to save this image to your camera. To do that just click the button in the upper right hand corner that looks like an arrow pointing out and then save image.

Now that you saved your image you can go to photos, it’s gonna be the most recent one in your camera roll. The idea here is that if you were at a bar, networking event or talking to somebody new you can have them follow your Instagram page.

If this comes up in conversation you can hold up your image and then they can open up the Instagram app. I’m gonna show you exactly how to do this.

In the same place under the slide out menu, under name tag you can click scan a name tag. Then when you hold that over the image of somebody’s name tag it’ll take you directly to their page.

When it takes you to their page it will give you the option of whether or not you want to follow that person. The idea is that it takes you to actually someone’s profile without you having to type in their name.

To be honest with you to me this is not really a super beneficial feature although it’s kind of cool and it’s always exciting to have something new. I think it’s just as easy to type something in as it is to open the app, scan the name tag and follow the person.

Just have a Instagram handle that’s easy to tell people, that doesn’t have a lot of numbers or weird punctuations. Then when you tell them at the bar, the networking event or whatever they can easily type it in without having to mess around with something like name tags.

I have seen this used in cool ways for example, business cards. Printing their name tag on a business card and then you could just hand it to somebody and when they get home they can scan it and follow you. That’s the coolest way I’ve seen it used.

How To Use Nametags On Instagram – Conclusion

Although interesting, pretty fun and cool to mess around with I don’t know if it’s super helpful. Let me know in the comments what you think about this feature.

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