Use YouTube To Get More Leads For Your Business

Use YouTube To Get More Leads For Your Business

Today we’re going to discuss how to use YouTube to get more leads. Listen, views are great, subscribers are awesome and seeing those little thumbs up buttons on your videos make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside but if you’re an entrepreneur who’s got a business to grow then you know that leads are what’s really important.

That’s why in this article we’re talking all about how to get more leads on YouTube so you can grow your business and your channel.

Let’s talk about YouTube Lead generation because more leads mean more opportunities to connect and more opportunities to connect mean more opportunities to convert and more opportunities to convert mean more revenue growth and awesomeness all around.

So how do you generate more leads on YouTube? We’ll be using these 3 steps we’re about to cover that has enabled my clients to generate leads at or below cost of virtually every other social media channel out there.

Killer Content

Step number one is all about creating killer content. When we’re talking about creating killer content what this is all about is creating really relevant and strategic content that your ideal target market or ideal viewer would be all about consuming.

This part is really important because without a proper foundation of really solid content you’re going to attract either the wrong type of audience or no audience at all.

You want to spend a little bit of time beforehand and go through a proper content marketing strategy by figuring out your customers pains, their problems, the solutions that you offer that could solve them and then go about creating content that way.

This way you’re going to ensure that the content you create is specific to the target market that you’re trying to attract.

You’d be surprised how many different channels create irrelevant content. Not that it’s irrelevant in a sense that it’s not interesting just that it’s irrelevant to the market they’re trying to attract.

So what happens, well they end up attracting a market of completely the wrong people people they don’t want to serve and people who aren’t necessarily going to buy from them and what’s the point of that.

Now there’s obviously a lot that goes into creating a proper video content marketing strategy but in general the longer, the more frequent and the better the videos you’re able to produce the more material you’re going to have to work with in the future steps.

One of the secrets that makes this first step of creating killer content so effective is that contrary to many of the other lead gen strategies out there, the goal here is to actually keep your traffic and your audience on YouTube rather than trying to siphon them off and get them off site as quickly as possible.

There’s a very strategic reason that we’re doing this but in general what we’re doing is we’re keeping YouTube happy by keeping people on their platform and we’re keeping your leads happy by building trust and rapport and providing value in the best way we know how.

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Build a Attractive Audience

All right let’s move on to step two which is an attractive audience. When we’re talking about creating an attractive audience I’m not talking about creating an audience of attractive people but rather people that would be attracted to your business and that you are attracted to.

This step takes place off YouTube and in the Google AdWords platform. Now don’t be scared creating an ad and creating an audience in AdWords it’s actually really simple.

Obviously you’re gonna need an account but once that’s done all you need to do is link up your YouTube account and then pretty much the world is your oyster and you’ve got all the tools available right at your fingertips.

So in this step what you’re going to be doing inside the Google AdWords platform is creating an audience of people who have watched your videos.

This is why step one is so important of making sure that you’re creating the right content for the right people because otherwise the second step of creating an audience of them won’t really matter if you’ve got the wrong people.

In AdWords you want to create this audience of people who have watched your videos. This is going to be a custom audience but you can also create an audience of people who look like people who have watched your videos which again is going to give you a lot more people to market to.

Now later down the road and once you’re a little more familiar with AdWords and how that all works in regards to advertising on YouTube you do have some other options available including building audiences of people that have visited your website and things like that.

Relevant Recall

Moving right along to step number three which is relevant recall. So at this stage you’ve created that killer content, you’ve built up an attractive audience of people who have watched your videos and people who look like people who have watched your videos.

So now it’s time to get your message in front of them that’s gonna help you generate those leads. This is the stage when we can start to drive traffic off of YouTube and into your lead gen funnel of choice.

Your lead gen funnel is gonna work just fine here. Whether you’re choosing to offer a lead magnet or you’re trying to give them a discount or a coupon or even just getting them to watch another video I’ve seen everything work here.

The key of course is to make sure that whatever you’re offering in exchange for those details is of value and is desired by your market.

Now what makes this such an effective strategy is the fact that we’re doing our ask in the ad itself, which means that we’re spending all of our time creating content to keep people on YouTube and then we’re running ads in order to get them off YouTube.

YouTube is more than happy to help us do that as they are an advertising platform after all. YouTube ads come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and I’m sure you’ve seen more than a few.

Again these are all set up in the Google AdWords platform so once you’ve kind of set up your account don’t be afraid to test out a few different options and see which one works best for your business, your market and your offer.

Use YouTube To Get More Leads For Your Business – Conclusion

All right so let’s bring this full circle. Most people are trying to generate leads on YouTube in entirely the wrong direction by going straight for the kill right away and trying to get people off YouTube as quickly as they can. But this is a lose-lose strategy.

What you want to do is spend your time creating quality and killer content specifically for YouTube to keep people on, keep people engaged and rack up your viewers and your subscribers.

Once that’s done you want to build up an audience of people who have watched your videos as well as people who look like people who have watched your videos.

Then finally you want to make your lead gen call to action through the use of a YouTube ad, which is where you can ask people to go off of YouTube to download your lead magnet or register for your call or download a coupon or whatever lead gen tool you decide to use.

The benefits of this approach is that it keeps YouTube happy which means more people are going to get to see your videos and it’ll keep your leads happy by providing value before making that ask.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed how to use YouTube to get more leads. If so make sure to leave me a comment in the comment section below and also share with a friend.

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