Using Clickbank For Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing With Clickbank

I believe the 2 quickest ways to start earning an online income is affiliate marketing with Clickbank or Amazon. There is a big difference between the two as far as commissions and there are pros and cons for each one.

For both programs it is easy to sign up and become an affiliate for free but before we get into signing up for either one let’s go over which one might work better for your situation.

Affiliate marketing with Clickbank is great if you’re looking to promote how to guides such as: How to get rid of acne, how to use forex, learn mentalism, etc.  With Amazon you will deal for the most part with promoting physical products. Toys, clothing, kitchenware etc.

The commission you can make for a Clickbank product varies but it’s usually between 40 – 75% per sale. Whereas Amazon is only 4-10% per sale. Granted more people love to buy physical products and if you can find unique items with a small amount of competition you can do quite well but it’s still a huge commission difference.

One of the great things about promoting Clickbank products is the affiliate tools many of the top vendors give you access to. Most will have premade emails you can use as well as banners and ebooks to use as a giveaway on your capture page.

You can promote your Clickbank a variety of ways. You can use a Facebook fan page and build a following, you can use Facebook ads depending on the product, instagram or youtube. Below I share how I market a product and while it may take a little more work, once it’s done it pretty much runs on it’s own.

Clickbank Marketing Research

When doing your research on the product you want to promote you will want to focus on the gravity metric shown for the product. The gravity simply means the number of affiliates who earned a commission promoting that product over the previous 12 weeks.

The higher the gravity amount, the more affiliates there are earning commissions from that product at the moment. I usually try to find a product with a gravity between 25 to 100.

Now you can go about the research for what niche you want to focus on in two ways. You can go to Clickbank first, find a product you like and then see how hard it will be to rank for related keywords or you can find a low competition niche that you can rank for and then go to clickbank to see if there is a product related to that niche to sell.

For example, years ago I basically went to google search and started typing in any niche ideas that popped in my head. I started with the phrases “Learn How To” and “How To” google would give me suggestions to which I could then study and see how much competition there was.

In my case I typed in, learn how to perform magic tricks. What I found that it is way to competitive so I went deeper with magic tricks for kids, still too much competition but it did bring me to the term mentalism. Wow, hardly any competition and it really only took me about an hour to research and find about 6 other keywords related to mentalism.

Next I needed to know how many searches were done each month for the phrase mentalism and the other related keywords. I use for this and it has a free version which is fine when you’re just starting out. Using this tool I was able to learn that there are over 1,200 searches each month.

Knowing this information I went to work. Bought a domain name related to mentalism, put up a quick wordpress website, added a page for each keyword, wrote 500-800 words of unique content for each page and that site has been ranked on the first page and making me money for the last 4 years.

I know when starting out this all sounds overwhelming but if you have any questions just reach out and contact me. That mentalism site took me a weekend to put together and that includes research time. It makes me between $600-800 each month and that’s only one of many that I have built using the same method I’m sharing here.

Whichever choice you make there are many possibilities and it really comes down on deciding a niche that you want to focus on and doing some keyword research to find out if you can build an income from it.

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