Using Facebook Ads For Your Business

Using Facebook Ads For Your Business

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you’ve got a small business then Facebook advertising may be the single greatest marketing tool available to you today.

Nothing else even comes close which is why in today’s post we’re talking all about using Facebook ads for your business. Let’s get to it and talk Facebook Ads.

Facebook ads give you access to your perfect client or customer and allow you to laser focus in on their exact age, gender, income, occupation or any interest they have or other pages they may like.

Next they’re incredibly cost effective. Yes, even still today especially when compared to more traditional forms of advertising like the newspaper, radio, TV or billboards.

And while there is a bit of a learning curve involved they’re still relatively easy to use and they allow you to take a five-figure business and turn it into a six-figure business or a six-figure business into a seven-figure business.

So in order of importance here are the four secret steps behind every single one of my five, six and seven-figure generating facebook advertising campaigns.

Using Facebook Ads For Your Business – Have a Good Offer

Secret number one is that you need to have a good offer. Now I know this sounds incredibly obvious but you’d be amazed how many times that so many ads miss the mark and fail before they’ve even had a chance to get started.

What I mean here is that you’ve got to dedicate and devote a significant amount of strategic planning time in order to find the absolute best offer to put in front of your ideal target market.

The offer that you’re putting out in front of people really has to be good if you want them to take action. We refer to this offer as an irresistible offer simply because we’re trying to choose something that’s irresistible to the target market we’re trying to advertise to.

The key then in selecting the right offer is to find out what your ideal target market really wants and then solve that for them. Whether it’s a free trial or the first step to a complicated solution or a call or the answer to some sort of problem that they’re having.

Whatever it just make sure that it’s something they actually want and not just something you think they want. The beauty of Facebook ads is that you can test all sorts of offers.

So if your first one falls flat it doesn’t mean that Facebook ads aren’t working or just dead for your business. It might just mean that you’ve got the wrong offer and you may want to test the different one.

Using Facebook Ads For Your Business – Clarity and Creativity

All right so secret number two is clarity then creativity. As an agency owner and Facebook ad consultant over the years I’ve had a chance to take a look at a lot of ad copy.

9 times out of 10 the ad copy that I’m reviewing could use some serious simplification. What this means is not just dumbing it down but really kind of removing any form of complexity or confusion from it and really making the message and the offer really crystal clear.

Most people when they’re writing ads they suffer from something called the curse of knowledge which means that you know a ton about your business and a ton about the products or services that you’re selling so you try to put all of that out in the ad copy.

But what you end up doing is confusing and overwhelming the reader and confused and overwhelmed readers don’t take action. So when you’re writing your ad copy make sure that it’s as crystal clear as humanly possible.

This means removing any form of jargon or insider speak or tech talk or any kind of insider lingo that you would be familiar with that your target market may not be.

One of the best examples that I can think of and one that I use all the time is something as simple as this. “Are you hungry? Well, I have a sandwich.”

I know it sounds ridiculously simple but you’d be amazed just keeping that in mind how much more effective your facebook ads are gonna become. Are you hungry? I have a sandwich.

So once you’ve got that clarity down now it’s time to start to get creative and to really flesh out that image and paint the picture that you want inside your readers mind.

Here’s where you can be more empathetic and you can start to tell stories and you can start to use all sorts of different copywriting techniques and hooks and ways to kind of draw them in and really paint that picture.

Good copywriting is incredibly important and some of the fancy tactics and techniques while they work really well they only work when they’re built on a proper foundation of clarity first.

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Using Facebook Ads For Your Business – Imagery

All right moving right along to secret number three which is imagery. Now there’s a lot of talk and a lot of hype about video ads and yes video ads can work incredibly well but so do image ads and in many cases image ads actually outperform the video ad.

This is especially true if your video doesn’t happen to hit the mark and when you’re making a video ad well there’s a lot more levels of complexity involved.

The quality of the production, the script itself, the delivery, I mean there’s a lot more that goes into a video ad than an image ad not to mention an image ad can be really quickly consumed.

Whereas a video typically takes a little bit more time and a little bit more investment from the viewer. It’s not necessarily a bad thing but something to keep in mind.

Here’s some tips on choosing the perfect image. For starters you’re gonna want to spend a significant amount of time on the image then you think you should.

As an example I’ll often spend hours trying to pick the best one, two, three or maybe four different images to test and then of course I always let the market decide. so even though I’ve got that what I think is the perfect image for the job well it could very well be wrong.

Which is why I always test a number of different images against themselves and even when I’ve got a winner I still am always out there looking for the next best thing that I can try and beat that original.

Also if you’re just getting started you have no idea what images to choose. My advice is to go with two different styles of images one a direct and literal image that clearly shows pretty much exactly what you’re selling.

The second is a metaphorical image which kind of shows the idea or the notion or the end result of whatever your customer or client is going to achieve by doing business with you. Put them head-to-head and see which one wins.

Using Facebook Ads For Your Business – Tactics

On to our fourth and final secret which is tactics. As Facebook advertisers we all have access to the same placements and budgets and targeting and audiences and all the things that go into it.

So there’s clearly no secret button or secret switch that only elite advertisers have access to. This is why the focus in creating really high converting effective Facebook ads needs to be on getting all of the stuff that we talked about first right. Then move on to the tactics last.

Offer clarity and creative imagery and then tactics last. That’s what separates the four and five figure generating campaigns from the six and seven-figure generating campaigns every single time.

Using Facebook Ads For Your Business – Conclusion

I have some other Facebook ads tips, tricks and tactics in some previous posts that’ll really give you some of the nuances and some of the hacks you can use to immediately uplevel your Facebook ads and the results they get so make sure to check those out.

John Crestani has an excellent free training on how to use Facebook Ads so if serious about growing your business or selling products thru Facebook ads I highly recommend it.

All right so that about covers it. Thanks so much for checking out using Facebook Ads for your business and I hope you got some good value out of it. If so make sure to share it with your friends and leave me a comment in the comment section below.

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