build your own niche site

Build Your Own Niche Site

“Content Is King”… and will remain ‘King’ for as long as people continue to ask questions and search for solutions. If you are skilled in a certain niche and provide valuable content that solves problems and answers questions, you can profit from your site for years to come.

Let me ask you this… “What do most people go online for?”

If you said “INFORMATION” – then you are absolutely right.

And besides, that IS and always will be the Internet’s primary purpose and will always be one of the main reasons why people come online to search for.

So, with that said, you should now have a good idea as to why building your own Niche Site is the way to go if you are looking to build a nice residual income for years to come and will steadily grow over time on it’s own.

Now that you have the idea, for the rest of this article I’d like to share with you my 5 TOP reasons you should seriously think about building your own Niche Site and then at the end will reveal to you a few examples of what kinds of Niche Sites you can build.
Reason #1. Search Engines absolutely love them.

If you don’t know by now Search Engines love content and what do Niche Sites contain? That’s right… Content.

The more content you have to offer, the more pages you’ll get listed within the search engines, which then gives you more exposure to your target audience from within the search engines and more chances for you to profit, which I’ll explain in more detail in a few minutes.

Point being, this is a great way to grow your business and give your audience what they’re looking for all at the same time, Plus… to get the Search Engine spiders to return for regular indexing.
Reason #2. Your Niche Site will grow effortlessly.

Content is literally the FUEL that powers the net and even more so is one of the most effective ways to grow your own business online.

What I mean by that is if you continue to answer questions or provide solutions on your site, facebook page or youtube channel that people are asking regarding your niche, more people will come to regard you as the expert in that field.

Not sure what questions to answer? Simple go to google and start to type in your niche and google will show you suggestions of what questions people are asking. You can also scroll down to the bottom of google and it will show you related searches.

There are plenty of other sites such as Quora but I don’t want to turn this into a 10,000 word

I will also be giving you some examples of some Niche Content Sites towards the end of this article to give you some idea of what to expect.

Reason #3. The information is targeted towards your Niche.

Niche Sites are just as the name depicts and even more so the information in which they contain primarily target your target audience and feed their hunger for information.

Remember what I mentioned earlier about why people come online in the first place.

Your simply giving them what they already want and making a profit from it at the same time which I’ll explain in more detail in the last two segments of this article.
Reason #4. Get paid for other peoples work.

With the continued popularity of Google’s Adsense program and the profits that can be made from affiliate products related to your niche, this is all the more reason to build Niche Sites.

The trick is this… the more pages you have listed, the more opportunity you have to generate¬†income thru Google Adsense and affiliate products that you find related to your niche.

Pretty COOL!

Reason #5. Get paid through targeted affiliate programs.

Want to get paid between 30 – 70% again by offering targeted affiliate programs about the content within your Niche Sites?

That’s right, get paid for referring other peoples products that directly reflect the content in which your Niche Content site offers and what your target audience is looking for.

By having a Niche Site with targeted content, this gives you a great opportunity to help Pre-Sell your target audience to want to get more information, Information in which they have to ‘Pay For’ which is where the targeted affiliate program you choose comes into play.
Now… are those 5 reasons enough for you to get started with your own Niche Site?

Only you can answer that question.

It’s reason enough for me, and the real cool thing is you don’t have to¬†create a product, you can use other peoples products to make a profit, Plus… Google Adsense.

Just imagine if you are making $300-$500 a month with one site, what if you built a couple of other sites.

I could ramble on but I think you get the picture.

The niche sites you can build are virtually limitless. With that being said I wouldn’t target a niche that is too broad and what I mean by that is let’s take the fitness niche for example. Great niche but too much competition. What you can do though is create a site that targets fitness tips for women over 50.

I hope you see the value behind starting with a large niche and drilling down to a more targeted niche with less competition. Also, you should focus on a niche that is evergreen. What I mean by that is it is a niche that will never fade away. People are always going to want to learn about fitness, health and diets, it’s never going to change and there are many other evergreen niches.

On the other hand, I’ve seen people go out and start a niche site about fidget spinners. How do you think that turned out? Sure, they made some money for a couple of months but now nobody cares. I’m trying to show you how to build a business that will last for years.

You can do this. Everyone has a special skill set or passion. Share yours with the world!

Now, all you have to do is make a decision.

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