Setting Up Your Phone For Overseas Travel

Setting Up Your Phone For Overseas Travel

Hey guys, in this article I’m going to give you five tips for setting up your phone for traveling overseas or just traveling where you won’t have a cellphone signal.

This tutorial will be conducted using an Android phone but it should still be useful for people that are running a different Android version on their phone or if they have a different type of phone like an iPhone.

Add Message To Your LockScreen

The first tip is going to be to add a message to your lockscreen. In your message you can put in “if found call this number” so if you lose your phone or it’s stolen or somehow recovered somebody can contact you and get your phone back to you.Here I have also a post on Tips For Working From Home.

On an Android phone the way to do this is to go into the settings, then go into security, then select the gear located next to screen lock and then select lock screen message.

This is where you’ll add a message that will be displayed on your lock screen. You can also add things such as your hotel room number or your cruise ship name. Anything that’ll help people find you and get your phone back to you.

Install Google Translate

The next tip is going to be to install Google Translate. One of the benefits of this is if you’re going to a country that predominately speaks one language you can go ahead and have translate offline enabled.

It’ll download all of the data needed to translate one language to another on your phone so if you don’t have service, you don’t have any internet or Wi-Fi you can still translate using this app. That’s awesome and it’s all free thru Google, the app is also available on iphone.

Another great aspect of this app is you can put it on conversation mode or voice mode and it will kind of listen to what people are saying, translate that and they can even speak the language back to the person that you’re talking to.

This is a very useful app and I recommend getting it well before you go on your trip making sure you have those online documents downloaded and then also learn how to use it.

Download Google Maps

The third travel tip I have is going to be to download offline maps for Google Maps. So what this will enable you to do is download a section of Google Maps and that will include all street information and store information

Say you’re in a country but without internet service. If you need to navigate somewhere and if a store is actually open, by downloading this information you’ll have all that.

You can do navigation to the store and you can also look at store information to see if it’s open and when close. It’s very cool and to do that we just go into Google Maps, select the three bars to open up the menu in here we’ll select offline maps.

I’m going on a cruise next month so I’ve actually downloaded all of the islands I’ll be visiting but to create your own map you simply just go to select your own map and then in here you can kind of zoom out and zoom in.

I’m going to Jamaica and I can just zoom in until I have all of Jamaica highlighted and then go to download and it even gives you a quick sample of what size that map will be.

In this case it’s 25 megabytes to download the entire country of Jamaica, that’s not a lot of space at all. You can have the entire map and you don’t have to worry about anything.

You just hit download and it will download in the background and then you can access that data later.

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Download Your Entertainment

My next tip is going to be kind of a general tip. It’s just a reminder to download any offline data that you need such as music or maybe TV shows, podcasts or anything like that that you want to have access to.

If you’re not sure you’re gonna have great internet wherever you’re going, it’s a good idea to go ahead and have that backed up to your phone.

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With Spotify you can do that by going to the artist page or album and just selecting the toggle for download, that will download it all to your phone and then you can access it as much as you want to if you don’t have internet access.

If you have YouTube Red you can even download YouTube videos, so that’s something to think about if it’s worth it for you.

Download Red Cross First Aid App

My fifth and final tip is to download the American Red Cross first aid app. What this app does is it downloads an offline version of any first aid information that you would need basic first-aid information.

In the app you can go through the list and it’ll give you tips or symptoms for different illnesses and how to treat them before you have any medical attention.

Just say someone has a broken bone, it’s going to show you how to interact with the person that has a broken bone or how to deal with it yourself before you get medical attention.

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I think this is just an important app to have on your phone really all the time but especially if you’re traveling where you may not have internet service just in case something bad were to happen.

Setting Up Your Phone For Overseas Travel – Conclusion

So those were five tips I have for setting up your phone for traveling overseas. If you have any questions about these tips leave a comment below I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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