4 Money Mindsets You Must Know To Change Your Life

4 Money Mindsets You Must Know To Change Your Life

In today’s post we’re going to discuss the 4 money mindsets you must know to change your life. How to attract more wealth and abundance into your life?

That already sounds like we’re going in the law of attraction direction and you and I both know that the law of attraction is only half the battle.

We can think all we want but if we don’t take action it’s just words and thoughts so I want to preface this article with that big big emphasis. We can get our mindset right but we need to keep pounding the action to get to what we want.

I want you to stop what you’re doing right now and picture the amount of money you’re making, now imagine it was doubled. What would you do, what would your lifestyle look like?

Would you take a vacation, would you spend it on the dream car you wanted, would you finally stop stressing about when the next paychecks coming in, would you stop checking your bank account 20 times a day or would you pay off your student loans?

There’s one thing we all want, more money and we want that because of the freedom it buys. The freedom that allows us to get out there and focus more on what we want. Let’s get into the four mindsets that you must have.

Mindset #1 – People pay me for the value I create

This is the entrepreneur mentality right here. A lot of us grow up in a system myself included where we trade our hours for dollars.

You go to your job and you are worth $15 an hour or $14 an hour or $50 an hour and you put in your 8 hours and then you get your paycheck. Even salaries are treated like that, hours vs. money mentality. In other words they’re exchanging their time for dollars.

It’s natural to grow up and go through life and say I’m gonna start a business but you still feel as if you’re trading your hours for dollars. You’re calculating that in your head, you’re saying what’s the ROI of the time I invest versus what am I going to get out of it.

You have to step back from that. People do not pay for your time, ever! Let’s use a locksmith for an example, he’s fiddling with the locks and at first it takes him two hours to open a lock. He says that will be $250 and people happily pay.

They say thank you for your help Mr. Locksmith your time was well worth it, here’s $250. Soon he gets better and better at his job it takes him less and less time to do the same results.

He’s providing the same value, just now it takes a much shorter time frame, maybe 10 minutes. So you can imagine people’s responses when Mr. Locksmith pulls up, gets the lock undone with just a click of a button and hands them a bill for $250.

They will say “that just took you ten minutes I’m not giving you 250 bucks, you’re out of your mind”. What they didn’t understand and the locksmith did understand is that he was paid for the results. He was paid for the value, he wasn’t paid for his time.

If you want to attract more wealth in your life you got to create more value. Regardless of how long it takes, it doesn’t matter. That’s a byproduct of the value you’re creating.

Think about an area in your life where you have a burning pain, something that just punches you in the gut every time you think about it. This could be dealing with a relationship, finance, health or losing weight.

If someone came to you and they solve one of those problems, would it matter if it took them one minute or if it took them one day? Know if they can solve that problem you’d still pay them. That’s what we have to get right in our mindset.

Ditching the hours for dollars mentality and adopting the value for dollars mentality is how you are going to increase and attract more wealth into your life.

Mindset #2 – To sell is human

That is Daniel Pink’s book by the way. A great book all about our mindsets around selling. Do a thought experiment with me real quick. When you think of the word salesman what’s the first thing that comes in your mind?

To a lot of us it’s the used-car guy right. He’s in a cheap suit smoking a cigar on his big lot trying to rip you off and make a few extra bucks on a car deal. We have a lot of distrust around salesmen or salespeople and that carries over to other aspects of selling in our life.

When you think of the word billionaires what’s the thoughts that come into your mind? For a lot of us it can be negative, it can be greedy, it can be mean, it can be insensitive, it can mean evil right.

When you think of big money all those images come up so let me get this straight. You want more money but your viewpoints of money are completely evil. Are you seeing where those two things don’t really add up, it’s like trying to put a round peg in a square hole. It’s not going to happen.

If you want more money in your life you need to switch your mentality from selling is evil because if you are going to provide more value you’re gonna have to learn how to sell. So we need to shift that mindset right now from selling is evil to selling is human.

Mindset #3 – The more I earn, the more I can serve

I think it was the Jim Rohn quote, he said “service too many leads to greatness and that if you serve a lot of people you deserve to have a lot of money”. The more money you earn the more people you can invest in and serve.

Service to the masses leads to massive results and a great example is Facebook. They’re making a killing, they’re making boat loads of money from advertising and everything else.

Why? Because there’s more Facebook users in the world than there are Catholics, so they have a platform of billions of people. Another great example is McDonald’s. People say, oh their evil or terrible but what are they doing on the deeper level? They’re serving the masses.

Now I’m not saying make your brand or make yourself like McDonald’s. What I am saying is that the more we serve the more we can earn.

We got to shift our mindset from volume isn’t always a bad thing, it doesn’t mean cheap, it doesn’t mean low-quality it just means we’re doing our job well and it’s impacting a lot of people.

Mindset #4 – I take full ownership over my money

You know the way we grow up trading our hours for dollars but there’s also something else that we trade and that is our responsibility.

When it comes to finances a lot of us growing up, we outsourced that to our parents and if they didn’t set the best models for us it can cause issues later in life.

In Rich Dad Poor Dad which is a highly recommended read, it talks about how he had a rich stepdad who taught him the inner workings of a dollar and his real father who taught him poor spending habits.

So that was the deciding factor between if he made a million dollars or if he made forty thousand. A lot of us outsource that responsibility for 18 years or 20 years, some people for 30 years and we never take full ownership over it.

If you want to attract more money we have to have 100% ownership over our financial destiny. When we split the word responsible what happens, response able, having the ability to respond.

You need to be response able with your money, you need to respond to educating yourselves to investing, to learning how you’re managing it and learning what you’re doing with it.

The great thing is you don’t have to place your responsibility on the government, or our parents, or girlfriend or our partner or whomever. We can just take responsibility over what we’re doing and you’re already doing that by reading these kinds of posts.

You can be doing that by reading a lot of the books and you can do that when you refuse to settle. Remember, when you refuse to settle for anything less than you deserve you can achieve whatever you want.

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4 Money Mindsets You Must Know To Change Your Life – Conclusion

So to recap the 4 money mindsets you must know to change your life: People pay me for the value I create. To sell is human. The more I earn the more I can serve and finally, I take full responsibility over my financial destiny.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope it has given you some insight on a better money mindset. If you’ve found it helpful please leave a comment and share with your friends.

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