surround yourself with positivity

Surround Yourself With Positivity

If you surround yourself with positivity you can keep negativity at arm’s length! If you’re surrounded by negativity, everywhere you look, no matter which way you turn, you’ll see negative people.

You’ll hear negative comments and even your own mind will start its share of negative thoughts.

When you let all the negativity get to you, that’s all you see. It’s like being surrounded by massive black smoke and you can’t see what’s beyond it. You can’t even see what’s right in front of you!

You drown yourself in pessimistic thinking. You can’t get a handle on your fears – you let it control you instead. Every time your mouth opens, you utter words of doom and gloom.

You think nothing good will ever happen to you. And with that kind of mentality? You’re probably right.

If you can’t see the good side of things, even in bad situations, then you’re practically hopeless. You won’t know when opportunity comes knocking on your door, you won’t recognize it even if it hits you in the face!

So, how do you fight such a ubiquitous presence? Here’s how:

Take charge of your thoughts

Yes, it’s possible to take charge of your thoughts. They’re not involuntary at all unless, of course, you choose to let your thoughts ramble on their own. Which really isn’t that great of an idea especially if most of your thoughts are the negative kind.

To start taking control of your thoughts, you need to be self-aware at all times. When you catch yourself thinking negatively, put a stop to it right away. Tell yourself, “STOP!” Then do a quick 180.

So, instead of going in a negative direction, your thoughts will be going in a positive direction.

When you start thinking, “I can’t possibly….”, admonish yourself and say something like, “I can and I will… here’s what I’ll do to make sure I get there.”

It’s such a simple thing to do really. The trick is to catch yourself in the act of thinking negative thoughts! When you do this often enough, you’ll find you’ve turned it into a (positive) habit.

When it’s become so ingrained in you, you’ll find yourself thinking positively all the time, and you’ll finally put a stop to your negative thoughts.

Project Positivity

Like attracts like. So, if you want more external positive energy coming into your life, you need to think of ways you can start projecting positivity to the outside world.

For starters, you can start using positive words. You can draw up a list of positive words you want to use frequently. Use these positive words and phrases in your conversations with others, and also when you’re conversing with yourself.

When you say positive things, even if you don’t believe in them at first, sooner or later, you’ll start believing what you say.

Another thing you can do is to smile more often. When you smile, you appear friendlier to others. When you smile genuinely, you appear happier and more attractive to everyone around you.

Think about it. Who do you gravitate towards? Someone smiling and happy, or someone unsmiling and dour? I bet you’d approach the smiling person first. So, if you want to make new friends, simply learn how to smile more!

You should also start practicing gratitude. Think of things you’re thankful for in your life. Thank your loved ones.

Thank people who’ve made a difference in your life – no matter how small it may have been. They’ll appreciate it, and it will help strengthen your bond with other people.

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Positive People

Positive people are everywhere, but it’s going to be hard to attract them to your life if you keep up with your negativity.

Sure, some kind soul may take pity on you and try to reform you on their own, but sooner or later, your negativity’s going to get to them.

When that happens, they’ll be bolting for the door. They don’t want your negativity to rub off on them!

So, the first thing you have to do is to make sure you master the art of taking control of your thoughts. Take a deep breath whenever you feel like the negativity’s going to burst out of you anytime soon.

Erase your thoughts and try to imagine something serene – like a rainforest or the ocean or whatever mental image makes you feel calm.

When you learn to master your emotions, and you start projecting positivity, you’ll find positive people will be making a beeline towards you. Cultivate these new relationships. They’ll support you and cheer you up whenever you feel down.

Now, positive people aren’t perfect either. But they’re not going to hide their dark side. Instead, they look for ways to heal it. They acknowledge their mistakes and their failures, and they try to take something away from the experience.

Learn from positive people and follow their lead. They’ve been in your shoes, and they certainly know how to keep their negativity in check.

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Surround Yourself With Positivity – Conclusion

Realize to surround yourself with positivity will take time. Keep your self awareness high at all times. Sooner or later, you’ll find that positivity will have taken hold of your life.

With positivity, you’ll find it much easier to deal with all the obstacles and challenges that’ll come your way as you work towards your ultimate goal – freedom and happiness!

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