Things I Wish I Would Have Known In My 20s

Things I Wish I Would Have Known In My 20s

Hey guys and gals, in this post I’m going to share the five things I wish I knew in my 20s. According to my demographics on this site most of you are coming up in your early 20s or maybe your mid 20s so I thought I’d write an article to myself if I could go back in time.

Kind of a conversation with my younger self coming from an old geezer. What would be the five pieces of advice that could have saved me a ton of time, a ton of headache and a ton of money? These five pieces of advice are crucial in your early 20s and they’re the five things I wish I knew.

Wish I Knew #5

Time speeds up: Study this number 32,850! What is that number? Can you guess it? If you’ve been around me you’ll know it’s a number I talk about it a lot. It’s the amount of days we have from birth until 90 years old.

Now if you look at that number is that a lot? That’s probably a lot less than you thought right. I know when I found that number out for the first time I was like wow if you had a dollar for every day alive you’d only have thirty two thousand eight hundred and fifty dollars.

That’s not a lot of time and I don’t mean to stress you out here but it’s a lot less if you’re around my The point I’m trying to make here with this and the lesson that I wish I knew is that as you get older time speeds up.

Being young, being in your 20s is really an illusion. I remember back when I was in elementary school, think about grade school. Remember how long nine months felt like when you found out you’re gonna get a certain teacher and they were a good teacher or a bad teacher.

You’re like oh my god nine months. Now think about nine months, nine months goes by pretty fast. Think about the summer, it used to feel so long as a kid but now every single quarter feels like it comes and goes just like that.

Why is that? That’s because the younger you are, perceived time feels longer. It feels like you got all the time in the world. Back when you were ten if you lived one year that’s literally ten percent of your life that’s your only reference point.

But when you get older if you’re a hundred that’s only 1%. So why am I telling you this? It’s because when you’re young you feel like you have all the time in the world but if you only have those thirty two thousand eight hundred and fifty days till you’re 90 and those go faster and faster.

Looking back at my 20s it’s like you’re on this wheel that keeps running faster and faster. All these things that you think you want to do you gotta realize that today is as young as you’ll ever be and you got to start doing them now. This goes into the fourth thing.

Wish I Knew #4

Focus: The letters stand for, follow one course until success! One big mistake I made in my 20s was pursuing a lot of shiny objects and not focusing long-term.

When they take kids and they study them whether that be the marshmallow test and they follow up with them years and years later they find that it’s two things that make kids either super successful or kind of struggle and have somewhat of an average life.

There was two traits and the first is how long they’re willing to delay gratification and the second is how long they can focus, what their attention span is. I was reading the other day we have the average attention span of like three seconds a goldfish can focus for four seconds.

It’s easy to lose or dilute your focus when your that age. You have so many great ideas and the next thing you know you’re trying to make all of them work when in fact your diluting your focus.

It’s very possible each of those things could have worked on their own but what happens is that your energy is between all those different ideas. Does that make sense to you? Always remember, where focus goes energy flows.

If you’re trying to do four different things it’s like you’re trying to date four different people at once. Believe me, that won’t work out for us. There’s an old saying that goes “just because you’re making a splash doesn’t mean you’re swimming.”

There’s a difference in your 20s between being busy with a lot of different things and all these businesses and being productive and focusing on that one course until successful.

Wish I Knew #3

Self Education: I’ve worked with and interviewed a lot of super successful people and always ask them what separates the rich from the poor, what’s the mindset, what’s the fundamental behind it? The answer is the same 99% of the time.

Formal education makes you a living, self education makes you a fortune! The rich, the 1% if you look at the people running the companies they’re always learning. The average American reads one book a year and the average CEO reads 60.

Sometimes you’ll have to slap yourself and realize you just spent 40k a year on a degree that’ll get you a 40 K year job and you’re not willing to invest money in yourself that might make you way more than that.

When we’re young or when we graduate we think that we’re good enough, we think we got this and then our priorities get a little screwed up.

Here’s what’s crazy, it’s possible for you to buy an online course, learn a skill and have an entire multi six-figure even seven-figure business model from that. I personally know people who got into ecom.

They bought an online course, they took serious action on it and that investment changed their lives. That happens time and time again in various business models that no one was teaching me in college.

You don’t need to go to college to learn how to start a YouTube channel, how to run and create content and do all the stuff that can change your life. With self education you can continue to learn and invest in yourself, it’s gonna pay you the best dividends down the road.

Wish I Knew #2

Stop hoping for completion: The big lesson is ditching this holy grail chase or the one-day mentality. You’re gonna go about life whether it’s in your 20s, 30s, 40s or whatever age and you’re gonna want to make it so you can relax.

It’s kind of the same way people want to make online passive income so they don’t have to work. They’re trying to escape something. Once we embrace the struggle or the progress and realize that it’s never gonna end that’s when we can really succeed and thrive.

To make this more practical I can remember saying if I could just make $10,000 per month, what could I do with that. I wrote out all my bills, all my expenses, what I could save, where I could go, how I could live and all these things I could get.

I thought it was gonna be like this awesome thing so that was my first goal, to make 10k a month online. Then a thing happened, I hit it. I finally found out the right self-education, got all these strategies and then it happened.

Then I found that when you start making 10k there’s a lot of problems that come that you don’t have when you have zero. Then you meet this new threshold of  can I do multi six figures and you have all these new problems.

You know the saying, more money more problems. The point is if you try to do something to escape it it’s always gonna have its own struggles. You just trade your problems for better ones or different ones.

I know some people that thought if they had a girlfriend they can finally be happy because they’ll feel loved and then they realize you get a lot of different problems that arise from relationships that you don’t have when you’re single.

Perhaps you play in a small rock band and think you’re finally living the dream. You could just sit back and coast on the tour bus but you get there and you want bigger and bigger shows and you try to level up. That’s a natural part, you’re gonna want more in your 20s it’s such a time of expansion.

Wish I Knew #1

Wherever you go, there you are: It’s basically the concept of being your own best friend which I know sounds incredibly cheesy and kind of trivial but it’s so true.

I remember Jim Rohn saying “if you don’t like something about yourself change it”, “if you don’t like who you are change it”, “if you don’t like where you’re going in life change it”.

Something so simple that just rings true. You have the power to change whatever you want, develop any traits that you want or change things that you want to get rid of. Just start taking action towards it and over time you’ll be where you want to be.

Surround yourself with people of the same mindset and rowing in the same direction as you. The same traits and goals that you are seeking look for in others and embrace it.

Things I Wish I Would Have Known In My 20s – Conclusion

I’m sure there are other viewpoints and this is just my reflection looking back at the age of 57. I had more fun than the law allowed and wouldn’t have changed much. I was fortunate enough to enjoy those moments as they were happening and suggest you do the same.

Life is short, enjoy it. Try to make a difference for others and always keep learning. Keep asking questions and broaden your horizon. All these things will serve you over the next 60 years.

Those are the top five things I wish I knew in my 20s. I hope you got one or two things out of it that can be useful for you. Comment down below and share what’s been the biggest lesson you learned in your 20s.

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