Top 3 Motivational Apps

Top 3 Motivational Apps

Motivation isn’t a hard step to take in life. While in some cases you may feel hopeless and deprived of time, a little push may turn things around.

All of these apps work only to make you feel comfortable and confident that there’s more to what you can do every day.

App 1 – Wonderful Day

Wonderful Day tracks all of your activities and shows you your progress. It’s a simplistic app that helps you record all of your work, the days you have fulfilled to your satisfaction, and others when everything just didn’t get done.

Wonderful Day sets your reminders and goals on a daily basis. You can specify if your goals are only on weekdays or weekends, every other day or only on Tuesdays.

Wonderful Day will keep track of it all and record how many times you’ve accomplished each and every task. Once a day, Wonderful Day will even send you a reminder for all the tasks you have to complete in any given day.

If you do complete your task, you receive a green mark for it. Anything left undone will get a red mark to remind you that you didn’t finish all tasks that day. Getting whole green days will soon become addictive enough to keep you going on streaks of green.


Wonderful Day is extremely simple and easy to use. It takes no time at all to complete your chart for the day and see if you really did enjoy a wonderful day. It’s an easy going app with a condensed design that doesn’t strain users.

Wonderful Day is also a highly personalized app that fits each individual’s need. What you need done every day varies, and so you can alter your daily schedule based on what you believe needs to be done.

Tuesday’s routine may be completely different from Wednesday’s, and Wonderful Day can understand that. With some customizations, each day’s set of goals will differ to fit your schedule with no hassle of you having to change it each night; it can all be done in one go!

Wonderful Day makes sense for a motivational app and is extremely user-friendly.


Wonderful Day isn’t a free app. You have to purchase the app if you wish to use it, and not everyone is that motivated to buy an app on their phone.

It also becomes confusing for users when they have to exact each and every task to the app, the time and day it should be completed.

Sometimes you want to accomplish something during a week’s time, but you can’t be absolutely sure what day you’ll get the job done. These kinds of tasks can’t be performed on the app since everything needs an exact date.

The notifications are also limited to only one a day rather than multiple scheduled notifications for each task. Even though you do get one notice informing you of the jobs to do, you may not remember each and every task throughout the day.


This app is great for an organized routine lifestyle. For people who have a fixed routine to follow and new habits to filter in, this is the right app to help you. It’s wonderful for anyone who’s looking for space in their schedule to try new hobbies.

If you’re working towards turning passions into occupations, this app makes the time and space you need. Always having a record of your progress can remind you of what you’re working for and show you how much closer you’re getting.

Results and rewards are the key factors playing into this app to make it such a successful and enjoyable application for your daily use. You receive medallions for achieving your goals for longer than a week, two weeks and more.

With a steady pat on the back, you can break bad habits and make way for better ones.

App 2 – Way of Life!

Way of Life is an active recorder of all your habits. With a daily minute check up on your app, you can help yourself and Way of Life monitor your daily activities.

The list of objectives Way of Life can observe and track are endless, just as long as you know how you want to track them. From bar graphs to reminders, Way of Life covers and aids you in discovering where you went wrong or faltered in progress.

It provides you with solid evidence that you’re improving or that something went wrong along the way. Entering your information isn’t hard, or long at all.

Once you’ve inserted all the data you need, Way of Life does the rest and shows you how you actually perform in your way of life.


It’s an easy-to-understand and use app that can fit into any schedule. It doesn’t alter anything in your lifestyle and instead helps you keep track of it. With the proof right in front of you, you can make educated choices for what you want to do next.

Way of Life can even help give you that extra push you need to get things done. If you’re forgetful or apathetic, then Way of Life can help you by delivering scheduled notifications courtesy of your more motivated self.

Way of Life is there to keep an eye on your living status, not try to control. Naturally, you can’t expect an app to grab hold of the steering wheel and direct you to a better path. That’s something you must do on your own, the app is only a little push to help you.


One issue is that some people don’t find the time to add all of their progress every day, meaning that the result that they get isn’t accurate. It’s also easy to forget what you did during the day and not apply it to your research in Way of Life.

Naturally, Way of Life can only do so much for you. There’s a certain amount of dedication you have to give to the app in order for it to make a change in your life. If you can’t even update once a day, then there’s no point to it since its research won’t be accurate.

Another issue could be that some people won’t understand fully what the graphs or notes are showing. The results shown don’t always make sense and so a decision can’t properly be made. For some people, this isn’t that easy of an app to use.


Way of Life prevents you from denying yourself and your bad habits. It can help you create new positive ones and get rid of old bad ones. For anyone who feels results are the only solution, then there are no results better than hard cold facts.

Way of Life helps you see your life from a more statistical point of view. With Way of Life by your side, you can turn around bad habits into good ones and good ones to better ones. Keep track of what you have done and what needs to be done.

Way of Life is great for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to a motivator app. At the end of the day, when all is done you can insert your progress through the day and make some new notifications to help yourself stay on track for the next one.

App 3 – Fabulous: Motivate Me!

Fabulous focuses on your motivation for your health. When you’re practicing dieting or workouts to improve physical and mental health, Fabulous offers just that. Fabulous works to help you develop new, better and healthy habits rather than simply remind and record them.

It gives tips and advice on how you should rethink the things you do, and what new things you can try out. Fabulous aims to create a healthier lifestyle and embed it into your routine.

With the help of Fabulous, not only will your habits be tracked but improved as well with expert advice offered in each category offered in the app.


Fabulous helps you develop new habits and motivate you to pursue them. By using Fabulous, you’ll have a better understanding of your habits and a steadier progress rate when improving your flow.

Fabulous focuses on your health which no other motivation app can claim benefit over. While others will help you in controlling and reinforcing your everyday habits, Fabulous works to establish better ones in your daily life.

It combines the power of a health instructor, a motivational app, and a calendar to keep you running the right way.


Fabulous is slightly limited in its options. In other options, you can make your own tasks for any purpose even if you just needed a reminder. When it comes to Fabulous, you’re more focused on your health rather than your other goals.

It’s true that you must focus primarily on your health and this is an app specifically made for it. But it’s nice to have a reminder and record of your other progressions and hobbies.

For anyone who wants to keep a general record of their progress or simply maintain consistency in their activities, this may be too direct of an app to consider.


This app is perfect for someone aiming for a healthier lifestyle. Most people realize how much room for improvement there truly is in their lives. Fabulous is the perfect guide to finding the balance between your professional, personal and healthy lifestyles.

Fabulous is extremely helpful in finding a healthier way of life and it doesn’t quit on you. Fabulous can take you all the way to making the necessary changes to your own habits, changing them into greater accomplished and satisfying ones.

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Top 3 Motivational Apps – Conclusion

Whether you decide to grow a forest or jump over limitations one task at a time, progress is the focal point to change. Take it one day at a time, and soon you’ll see the change motivation can truly bring to your life.

Anything will soon seem possible, and impossible will be harder to find. With the press of a button, you are now more motivated.

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts and if you have different app suggestions. If you’ve found this post helpful share it with your friends and check out some of my other posts that can help shorten your learning curve.



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