Abundant Thinking

What Is Abundant Thinking

What is abundant thinking? It is about creating a mindset of positive values that allow you to perceive your life as one of abundance, not one of deficit. It teaches you to flip your mental attitude coin from negative to positive and appreciate how much you have in your life to be grateful for. For abudant thinking one should have Optimism Mindset.

However, it does not suggest that our gratitude should cause us to stop striving for more and just accept our lot in life; rather it teaches quite the opposite: that by acknowledging how abundant our lives are already, our minds will embrace the concept that the good things in life are potentially unlimited. You should read Positive Thinking and Self Worth

Abundant means to be richly supplied; to be over-supplied. It give the Optimism BenefitsThis means that we should have no fear of asking for more because we can be confident in its delivery. Abundance is a store that never runs out of its goods.

Abundant thinking is not just concerned with money, although there is a strong financial aspect that can be applied; it is a life philosophy. Where money is the issue, it is viewed as a tool that allows a better quality of life to be achieved – not just the material aspects, but most crucially the freedom to spend time doing the things that matter with the people that matter and have Freedom From Work.

Similarly, being a rich may not relate to money at all. It can even negate the willful drive for extra finances, especially where that works against the more important aspects of life, such as love and family but don’t forget your vision and Stay On Track.

We all know of rich, unhappy people. We read about them every day in the newspapers and see them on the television; people who have a clear abundance of finances but who are bereft emotionally. For avoiding these aspects make sure Surround Yourself With Positivity.

Abundant thinking is all about changing how you view your personal circumstances so that you can change how you view the world at large. It is realizing that you have been the cause of your sadness and struggle in life through your focus on what you don’t have, rather than on what you do have and Are You Doing What You Love?   

Abundant Thinking – The Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance is one of the Universal Laws. These are also referred to as Spiritual Laws or Laws of Nature. Universal Laws are those immutable principles that rule our world and our universe, governing how the entire cosmos continues to exist and thrive. But keep striving for best and have faith on There is more greatness to come.

While the very notion that these laws exist may prove too esoteric for some people, there is a sound basis in science for several of them. For example, the Law of Cause & Effect states that any action produces a result in exact proportion to the action which initiated it. So always Challenging your belief system.

This idea goes back to Biblical times. It says in Galatians: “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” Some people think of this in terms of Karma. Others will use the phrase: “Goes around, comes around.” It all amounts to the same thing. For the benefits Positive Thinking and Self Worth leads towards the best in return.

Universal Laws work whether we believe in them or not. Those who do not believe in them choose by default to believe that life is a random series of events that they have little or no control over, and that there is no purpose or underlying reason why things happen as they do and make sure Are You Really Happy with your doings.

The Law of Abundance states that the universe is continually and effortlessly producing, creating unlimited resources for us to take advantage of. You only have to look at Nature to know this is true. Breaking any law is apt to cause problems. That is true of man-made laws and those handed down by the universe.

Do you want to know about postivite thinkings? Here is the link below Positive Thinking and Self Worth.

Equally, misinterpreting laws can cause trouble. You may fully believe that there is abundance out there, as evidence by those individuals who appear to “have it all”, but you may be seeking similar abundance in the wrong ways.

If your motivation (Finding Your Motivation) for achieving more is to focus on what you do not have, you are not thinking in tune with the Law of Abundance. Abundant thinking is not about working more hours to accumulate more belongings, or becoming miserly with your money because you want your bank accounts to appear more abundant.

These attitudes work in direct opposition to the Law of Abundance. These are reactions based on fear and panic, and Universal Laws always work in peace and balance. Take deep breathe and Maintain and Grow Your Self Esteem.

Abundant Thinking – Appreciate What You Have

Abundant thinking requires that you appreciate what you have in life, rather than bemoaning the things you lack. Stay postive about life and Surround Yourself With PositivityIt further asks that you focus on what is possible, and that you reach for what you want in life. 

If this latter point sounds like something you are already doing and it is not producing the goods, it is because you have not established the former mindset – the one that makes you always appreciative and make sure Are You Surrounding Yourself With The Right People.

In contrast, scarcity thinking focuses on what you don’t have, what you want more of, what you might lose, and what has gone wrong in your life.

People who think abundant thoughts are happier than those who don’t. It stands to reason. Abundant thinking is positive thinking. Here are some Abundance Mindset Exercises That does not mean they are unaware of the areas where their lives might need improvement, they are simply able to approach those areas with a positive frame of mind, confident that they will have no difficulty bringing about the necessary changes.

This is because they choose to believe that there is an abundance of whatever they need just waiting for them. They believe on Self-Improvement Starter Guide.

Our thoughts dictate our lives. Our thoughts can attract good things into our lives, or repel them. This is another Universal Law – the Law of Attraction. One of the common sayings in positive thinking methodology is: “Whatever the mind of man can conceive of, and believe in, it can achieve.” Only if you are sure about Are You Doing What You Love?

That is not to say you simply have to sit at home thinking good thoughts. That is obviously not enough. You will still have to take actions to back up those thoughts, but those actions will work infinitely better when they are backed by positive thinking, and abundant thinking while Maintain and Grow Your Self Esteem.

The Law of Cause & Effect deals with this as well. The fewer or smaller things you cause to happen, the less effect they will have. If you want another quote from the Bible, it says in James: “Faith without works is dead.”

If this all seems a little otherworldly, here’s an example of how this might happen: Let’s say you are looking for work, but your attitude is that there are very few suitable jobs, and you’ll never find one for yourself.

In other words, your attitude stinks. You are thinking negatively. This may mean you take no action to find a job. You don’t compile a CV, you don’t send email enquiries, and you don’t go knocking on doors.

And if by chance you did bump into the very person who could give you your dream job, they would not offer it to you because you would not be viewed as the positive individual they would want on board.

A negative attitude can therefore be self-perpetuating, as it consistently produces negative results that further reinforce your negative attitude. Don’t let the negativity be the hardle in your success Stay On Track.

Abundant thinking opens up possibilities and opportunities that we could easily have missed by harboring negative thoughts and thoughts of scarcity. It causes you to take positive actions because you firmly believe and expect that they will produce the desired results.

You take as your proof for this the fact that you are already more than blessed by the abundant gifts in your life to date. Abundant thinking is about focusing on what you have right now, and using that to build a brighter future. It does not let you dwell in the past, regretting mistakes and ventures that did not work out exactly as planned.

People who think abundantly do not suffer guilt for their desire to attain more. This is for two reasons: they are already grateful for what they have, and they do not feel that asking for more will deprive anyone else. Abundance means there is plenty to go around for everyone.

Abundant Thinking – Motivation

A key part of abundant thinking is abundance motivation, sometimes called appreciative-assertive thinking. This is the belief that we have more than the minimum necessary to get by. It says we have more than we need, and more than we could have ever expected on Challenging your belief system

It requires that you dispel any assumptions about what you will receive in life, be that from God, nature, society, parents, peers, friends, or loved ones.

Again, this does not suggest we have to stop wanting more because There is more greatness to come. It is simply about establishing the correct mindset. Knowing we have more than we need makes us feel happy and grateful. We appreciate what we have, and that means whatever else we get is a bonus.

Thinking you deserve more, you are owed more, or expecting more, just leads to resentment when it doesn’t show up. You have to remember how you came into the world – with nothing – and how you will end up leaving it – with nothing.

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Creating a healthy attitude towards your existing abundance relies on focusing on what your minimum requirements truly are. If you have your health, enough food to eat, and a roof over your head, then you have sufficient to survive and lots to be grateful for. If you also have love in your life, you should be ecstatic.

Having any or all of these things, even at their minimum levels, still puts you far ahead of many millions of people in less developed countries who struggle every day for the basic necessities of life. Ironically, many of these people will lead happier lives than those of us who have plenty.

It is all about expectations. The world does not owe you a living. It doesn’t owe you anything. But neither will it deny you anything if you honestly believe its abundance is just waiting for you and Impossible is Just a Word.

The key is to be realistic, and not be influenced by our modern consumerist society. Commercials will try to convince you that you need certain items to be happy. You must have the latest designer accessories, the best gadgets, a bigger house, a luxury car.

You believe these messages at your peril. You do not need these things, but it is certainly okay to want them. This is because need is defined by a feeling of lacking something. Straight away, that means you are focusing on what you do not have.

Think about the way different children around the world respond to receiving gifts. The key is not how much they actually receive, but how much they expect to receive. The toys you may throw in the trash would make some other child whoop with delight.

Abundant thinking may appear to be a strange and contradictory concept. It says you should be grateful for what you have, but it is okay to want more. It says you should be aware of your minimum requirements, but place no maximum limit on what you can achieve because the world can always keep on giving you more.

It is okay to feel confused about this. Abundant thinking asks that you give up the bad habits of a lifetime, and those can be heavy shackles to throw off. You are not even being asked to do anything difficult instead, and this can be part of the problem.

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Anyone who has spent years struggling may find it crazy to be told they can more quickly achieve their goals by doing nothing more than altering the way they think.

At the very least, abundant thinking can help set your priorities straight. You may not want much more in life that you already have, but you also may not be genuinely enthralled by all that you do have. Abundant thinking asks that you take stock and realize how fortunate you really are. Satisfy yourself by answering Are You Really Happy.

It can also help develop a healthier and more realistic attitude to those times in life when plans do not work out, and upsets occur. With abundant thinking, we are forced to ask the question: “Who said I deserved any better?”

What we have to remember is that abundant thinking does not guarantee anything. If we start believing that abundant thinking will definitely bring us wealth and riches, or anything else that we strive for, we have arrived back at expectations again.

Do you have an idea about how to Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone ?

All you have to do is accept the good things in your life, be grateful for them, and know that if you do want more there is an abundance out there waiting to be tapped, and it is your positive attitude that will far more readily allow you to tap it.

Abundant Thinking – Perspective

Abundant thinking can be used to good effect in every part of your life. It allows you to be grateful for the good health that you enjoy, and to know that if your health is suffering, it could always be worse.

We can also take the opportunity to be grateful for the good health we have enjoyed in the past, and for the good health that still exists in those people we care about. It is all about perspective; seeing the positives rather than the negatives.

So how can this be applied to an unsatisfactory financial situation? What about if you sign a deal with someone and that person then reneges and leaves you out of pocket? The normal way to behave is from a perspective of loss. This is perfectly understandable because loss is involved. Just beaware about What’s your dream?

However, this does not take into account the imperfect world we live in. We all know that people can take advantage and that there are some who are out to rip you off.

Having an abundant thinking habit ensures that you handle this situation with the minimum detriment to yourself. It means your intent is always to maintain an abundance of happiness in your life, which will serve to counter any negative feelings, none of which are helpful.

The actions you will need to take to rectify the situation can be taken whatever your mood. Your negative feelings, harbored towards the other person, do not affect the other person. The only person they screw up is you, taking away from your feelings of abundance.

Abundant thinking creates a mindset that allows a better perspective on the situation. You will ask yourself: “Has this person stolen my happiness, or am I doing that to myself through my reaction?”

And if the worst-case happens and you are seriously affected by what has happened, your belief in the abundance available to you will be your reassurance that the loss will be replenished soon, and then some. This provides a speedier recovery from its ill-effects. Never put work on your head just feel comfort in your work and Freedom From Work.

Abundant thinking allows the person to quickly accept life’s difficulties and move beyond them to better times.

In a business environment, abundant thinking focuses on the organization’s strengths and what is possible, not on what may have gone wrong. This is crucial in hard times, like those we are experiencing at the moment.

Many businesses have experienced huge losses and difficulties, and the temptation is thus to concentrate on what was and what might have been. This type of thinking is based on fear of scarcity. Leaders who take this attitude in business can instill negativity in their workforce and therefore exacerbate the problems that already exist.

Abundant Thinking – Wrapping Up

I hope this article has helped you understand more about abundant thinking and how you can apply it to your life. Make sure to check out some of my other mindset articles that will help you reach your goals.

If you have any questions just reach out and contact me and I’ll be more than happy to share tips with you.


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