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These are some of the miscellaneous tools and courses that I’ve found helpful thru out my journey and they may come in handy for you as well.

Depending on what type of online business you’re pursuing the tools and courses below may or may not be of use to you but I added them because I’ve employed them in my businesses at different times.

Since I share internet marketing strategies & tips with awesome people like you, naturally my content may contain affiliate links for products I use and love. If you take action (i.e. subscribe, make a purchase) after clicking one of these links, I'll earn some coffee money at no extra cost to you.

Best Website ChatBot: ChatterPal

What is it?: ChatterPal gives you your very own AI-powered personal chat agent, who’s always on the job.

It can reach out, connect, and interact with your site visitors in ways that you never could before.

Why do I recommend it?: It can help boost engagement, reduce bounce rates, get more leads into your sales funnel.

There’s going to be times when your website visitor just needs a little more information and when this tool is used correctly it can give them that little push needed for the sale.

Where to find it:

Best Place For Quick Outsourcing: Fiverr

What is it?: Fiverrr is a great place to outsource the work that you don’t have the time or knowledge to do yourself.

You can find the right freelancer to begin working on your project within minutes.

Why do I recommend it?: As I’ve built my different businesses I’ve used Fiverr quite a bit just because of the time it saves me on tedious tasks.

It’s reasonably priced and you can find someone on there to handle just about anything you can think of.

From voiceovers and graphics to writing and programming, there’s someone you can hire to help.

Where to find them:

Largest Philippines Job Board: OnlineJobs.Ph

What is it?: is a Filipino job board that caters exclusively to remote online work opportunities.

It was created in 2009 by John Jonas as a way to connect the affordable Filipino workforce with business owners in North America and around the world.

Why do I recommend it?: You’ll find an incredible variety of skills and experience on OnlineJobs. From virtual assistants, support reps, social media marketers, designers, SEOs, developers & more.

The pay rate is very low when compared to hiring in the U.S. and this is helpful if you’re starting out on a shoestring budget.

Where to find them:

#1 Platform For Selling on Amazon: Jungle Scout

What is it?: If you’re wanting to get into selling products on Amazon then this is the right tool for you. Jungle Scout is the industry-leading software suite trusted by more than 400,000 sellers to succeed on Amazon

Its library is full of exclusive, up-to-date, and on-demand learning to help you succeed on Amazon.

Why do I recommend it?: You can quickly find amazing opportunities by leveraging their keyword search data to find hot products that will sell.

You will also see in-depth historical search volume trends and seasonality, quickly filter through 450 million products to generate product ideas and an easy way to find suppliers,

Where to Find Jungle Scout:

Best Ebook Creator: Sqribble

What is it?: Sqribble gives you the ability to create amazing eBooks & reports quickly without typing any words if you don’t want to.

With Sqribble there’s no need to spend weeks mastering all the different design and publishing tools, like Adobe Photoshop to create an eBook.

Why do I recommend it?: With Sqribble everything you need is under one roof and it’s simple to use. Sqribble automatically fills your ebook with professionally written content from several sources.

You can pull content into your ebook from any URL(like your blog), or from their in-built content database or Word document, at the push of a button.

Where to Find Sqribble:

Best Thumbnail Creator: Thumbnail Blaster

What is it?: Thumbnail Blaster is a new AI-based app which makes it easy for you to create attention-grabbing, stunning thumbnails for any types of videos.

Thumbnail Blaster gives you all the automation features you need to get 3X more views, traffic and leads.

Why do I recommend it?: When it comes to messing with photoshop or any type of designing, it eats up a lot of time and if you want to outsource it can cost you.

With this tool you can save your time and money because it comes with a library of over 100 stunning templates and you can customize everything without any design skills!

Where to find it:

Fastest Way To Create Videos: Vidnami

What is it?: With Vidnami you can create stunning videos for your business in minutes. You can create content videos, videos for ads, course videos, sales videos and ecommerce videos.

Vidnami automatically transcribes your clips and effortlessly creates captions and automatically selects video clips from their library of 790,000+ clips.

Why do I recommend it?: Anything that can save me time is worth looking into and Vidnami is perfect for those people that would rather not be in their video.

Vidnami automatically combines your text, clips, voice track and music. No video editing experience needed.

Get Your Free Trial:

#1 Facebook Messenger Bot: VIP Bot

What is it?: VIP Bot focuses on building your list thru the power of Facebook messenger.

You get ready-to-go messenger bots that are fully setup with flows and sequencing.

Why do I recommend it?: Another tool that will help automate your business. Once you set up your VIP Bot it constantly runs on its own.

People understand Facebook messenger but what most don’t know is how easy it is to setup these little bots to help you sell your products and services.

Where to get it:

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