Building Your Business On The Side While You Have a Job

Building Your Business On The Side While You Have a Job

If you’re currently at a job that doesn’t make you a hundred percent happy and you want to transition out of that, you want to become an entrepreneur, you want to become self-employed, you want to become your own boss.

Then pay attention right now because in this article we’re going to be talking about how to use your current job to help you acquire crucial skills that you can then later on use when you become your own boss, when you become self-employed.

It doesn’t matter what job you’re in right now, it doesn’t matter how terrible your job is, I’ll help you find the exact skills that that job can actually teach you almost passively.

On top of that, I’m going to be helping you how to discover the hidden layers of your current job that you can then use to build your own business structure.

Most importantly I’m going to be providing you with a step-by-step structure on how you can get out of your current job and transition into self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Build a Track Record

The first point I want to talk about here is, build a track record of determination, execution and results. Now what do I mean by that? At the end of the day it’s all about this.

Many times being in a not so ideal job situation is very, very discouraging. I’m imagining the worst-case scenario here which is something hopefully you’re not doing, flipping burgers at Burger King.

This is definitely not something that everybody wishes to do when they’re growing up. And because it’s very discouraging, we kind of stopped caring and we’re literally just there to clock in at 9:00, clock out at and that is it.

So that focus on I’m only here for my time and I’m getting paid for my time is very, very bad once you’re trying to transition out into entrepreneurship.

Because most of the time our jobs are not really fulfilling and they’re quite demoralizing, we kind of stop striving for certain goals within that job, instead we start adapting a mindset of I’m here for my time, I’m getting paid for my time. I’m clocking in at 9:00, clocking out and that’s it.

But that mindset of, I’m being paid for my time, I’m only here to show up to the office, it’s not very beneficial when it comes to entrepreneurship. And it extremely deadly when you’re trying to transition out of a job into entrepreneurship into becoming self-employed.

That is why again you need to build a track record of getting a result, okay, and then determining how to get that result and then executing towards that result. And this could be anything.

Let’s say you’re sorting files at the library, that’s your job, right, and say, okay, now I want to increase the amount of files that I’m sorting every day by 10%. That’s a goal.

Or let’s even say you’re working at Burger King, then you can literally say, I’m gonna become the best burger flipper this franchise has ever seen.

Why is that so important? It teaches you the importance of determining a result. Working towards that result and then getting that result, it helps you heaps with your confidence.

Now imagine again you work at this job, you’re demoralized, you’re not really enjoying it, but you say, you know what, no matter what, I’m going to increase my productivity, I’m going to become the best burger flipper there is. And once you reach that goal, what does that do to your confidence?

Now imagine a couple months further you’re already building your business, how confident would you be to reach another goal once you’re building your business?

So it’s again it’s about a track record of understanding, I’m determined to reach a certain goal, I’m executing towards that goal and I’m now enjoying the results of that, because that is all that entrepreneurship is on a very meta level.

Become Indispensable

And the next point is kind of very similar to that first point and that has become indispensable. That basically means, find out what your company really needs and hustle towards that so you literally become indispensable, irreplaceable if you will.

If you want to dive deeper on that, a great book was written on that by Seth Godin called The Linchpin. This is something I give all my employees, it’s absolutely incredible to read. And why is it important for you?

Well, it teaches you the power of personal growth. And it also teaches you the power of sacrifice for the greater good. Because it’s very hard to demand something from employees once you later on start scaling and you hire a team, it’s very hard to demand something from them.

Because later on when you start delegating and you’re building a team and employees, it’s very hard to teach them that sacrifice for the greater good if you’re completely unaware of that yourself. And again remember, you are still an employee.

By working on becoming indispensable, by becoming irreplaceable and really getting your work ethic up, your goal building, your structure building, et cetera, these are all skills that you can later on definitely use when you’re becoming an entrepreneur.

What Can You Learn

Which brings me to the next point and that is what can you learn from superiors? It’s very easy to not learn anything and never have your eyes open because you’re an employee.

You kind of have your task, you’re doing your thing and your supervisor, your manager does their own thing and you’re kind of like, okay, they’re doing the other thing, I’m doing my thing.

But at the same time you can open your eyes and just be aware of the things that they’re doing right and the things that they are doing wrong, because you can learn lessons in terms of management, business structure building, team leading.

You can learn so many lessons simply by observing the people above you. And you know you might say, but my boss is a complete idiot, there’s nothing to learn. Well, good, then you can learn what not to do, you understand that. It’s all about connecting the dots.

Look at your own situation, maybe you’re particularly motivated at your job and you feel very valued, why is that? Well, maybe you feel very valued because your boss is communicating very well when you’re doing something right.

Maybe you and your colleagues don’t feel good at all and you hate your job and you’re absolutely miserable every day. Why is that? Maybe that’s because there’s no clear structure of the tasks that everybody has to do. Again connect the dots.

Maybe there’s a great team dynamic between all of you, maybe that is because you have daily meetings, weekly meetings, et cetera. Connect the dots.

Look at why you’re in the current job position that you’re in, look at why the morale of the team is where it is right now and what behavior and leadership has caused that. Because those are again very important lessons that you can later on use when you’re becoming your own boss.

Your Spare Time

Now let’s talk about coming home. Understand you’re probably demoralized, you’re probably tired, you’re exhausted, but now is not the time to watch TV.

Now is not the time to scroll through Facebook. Now is not the time to go out with your buddies and drink. Cut all of that out. You literally got to cut all of that out and use an extra hour, maybe two per evening to work on your business, ’cause you gotta start it somehow.

There’s a lot of people who say, but I can’t start a business because I’m busy with the job. You know per day they spend a significant amount of time mindlessly scrolling through their phone. Don’t do that.

Also don’t be foolish as to literally quit your job, have zero income and then build a business and you know first thing you’re doing once you quit your job is you sleep in until 11am because you haven’t built a track record yet.

So do the following, while you’re at your job, build the track record of hustling, of determination, learn from your superiors, connect the dots of what it means to run a business. And then every hour or two in the evening after you come home you start building your business.

In fact many of the people I know keep doing their job while they’re building their business. In the beginning it’s much more about track record and about finding consistency in the evening hours to start building a business, it is that simple.

You cannot slack off in the evening hours. I understand you’re demoralized, I understand it’s exhausting, I understand you want to have some me time. You gotta sacrifice that me time in order to not have to work in a job for the next 30, 40 years.

People are always saying, I don’t have enough time, I don’t have it. Well, you don’t have enough time to not build a business, because you’re gonna be in a job for the next 4-5 decades until some AI robot schmuck is going to take over your job.

Later on are you gonna say, man, I wish I had scrolled more through Facebook. No, you’re gonna say, well, I wish I had invested the time as long as I had it.

So again with those extra hours that you’re putting in in the evening, get your first clients, make your first money, prove to yourself that it works. Prove to yourself that there is more than a dead end to job.

Prove yourself that it’s possible for you to make your own money. Have the hustle habits that you’ve worked on while you’re at your job, work in your favor now.

And then later on when you can objectively look at your situation and say, I could start earning more money if tomorrow I don’t have to be in the office at my regular job at 9:00. If I don’t do that, I could literally make more money right now.

Once you hit that is what we call the glass ceiling. Once you hit that glass ceiling, hit that kill switch on your job, go full-on into your own personal business and start making money.

And that is the step by step requirements that you need to go through in order to go from employee to self-employed to becoming your own boss. Now obviously there’s sort of detail work to be done but that is the overall structure.

Building Your Business On The Side While You Have a Job Conclusion

Now if you say, yeah, that sounds good, I am not happy in my job, I do want to start my own business, I probably want to become a coach, a consultant, a service provider, I want to start in certain niches, I can help you with that.

If you have a gift, if you have a skill that is marketable, if you have a skill that is monetizable, give me a call and I’ll help you get started.

Even if you say you’re not a hundred percent sure yet what kind of skill you have, but you know that you don’t want to have a nine-to-five job for the rest of your life, give me a call nonetheless.

I hope this post has shown you how to build your business on the side while you have a job. You need to start putting value on your time. So the best way to execute is to take action with your goals.

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