What Skills Do You Have That People Will Pay For

What Skills Do You Have That People Will Pay For

One thing I’ve found to be true, if you have a special talent or skill set your path to making money is much easier. I don’t care what skill set it is or even if you’re the very best in your field at it, people will pay for that knowledge, product or service.

What Skills Do You Have That People Will Pay For? Let me share just one of the examples of people I have shared ideas with.

I have a friend who worked in the parks and recreations department and recently retired after 30 years.

He was only 52 years old, had a great retirement plan but as we all find out after working your whole life it’s tough to all of a sudden have nothing to do.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great for the first year or two. You can golf as much as you like, go to the beach, whatever you want but eventually it gets boring not to mention how it can affect you physically as well as mentally.

Monetizing Your Skill Set

In his case I knew he was great at prepping athletic fields, he had done it for 30 years. I knew he loved what he did so I mentioned that he should look into being a consultant.

I knew companies, school districts and training facilities were looking for someone that could train people to perform the tasks that it takes to have top notch athletic fields.

Making a long story short, he now travels the country working on his own schedule and gets paid some killer bank for sharing his skill set.

Start thinking about your different skill sets. You don’t have to wait to retire to capitalize on them.

Start growing your own business in your part time and as it grows it will give you the option of perhaps leaving your regular job and becoming your own boss.

Some Skill Sets That You Can Do From Home

Are you great at writing? Companies all over the world are searching for writers to deliver valuable content for their websites in order to build their audience.

You can become known as the content guru and share with businesses what you do. Most business owners simply would rather pay someone than invest their own time in creating content.

Do you know WordPress? Most people and all business owners want or need a website. Let people know that you’re the go to guy or girl for setting up their websites.

There’s good money in it plus there are so many other things you can offer to your buyers after the website is completed.

Don’t forget to offer your customer a hosting solution for their website. You can become an affiliate for SiteGround, Bluehost, etc.

If you wanted to see a residual income you can have a reseller account and your customer would be paying you directly each month.

Perhaps they would like a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Build their pages for them, make posts for them and become their social media director.

Are you great with graphics and images? Know your way around Photoshop, Canva or Slideshare. This is a quick way to build some income and one of the skill sets I don’t possess. lol

I would much rather pay someone to handle any designs for my clients than spend the time myself. It’s just too frustrating to me as it is with many others.

Do you know video production? If you have any experience with video editing, production or animation use that skill set and build your business.

With the importance of branding and the huge impact that video makes for connecting with an audience businesses are always looking for someone with expertise in this field.

Create Ebooks – There are many marketers out there as well as regular people that are looking to outsource this process. There’s a great software called Sqribble that can make creating Ebooks a quick and easy process.

What Skills Do You Have That People Will Pay For – Conclusion

Make sure to check out Fiverr.com there are some people there making some serious bank providing just about any service you can think of.

Establish yourself by providing professional and dependable services with your desired skill set and over time you can build a profitable business.


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