Your Special Talent

The World Is Waiting

Aimlessness is the worst enemy of success! You must have a purpose. We don’t fail, we give up trying. We stop trying in trying times. It’s easier, less risky to be static to take what comfort we can out of our accustomed miseries. Safety and security have become ideals in today’s society almost completely submerging our desire for growth.

We were not placed on this earth for mediocrity. Instead of working on the things inside of us we want to rearrange the things around us. The answer does not lie with others it lies within ourself. The only qualification for success is that you be you, utilize all the talent you possess to it’s fullest.

Have you ever drove with the parking brake on and not realized it. We do that sometimes with ourselves. All that power but the vast majority is restricted if you don’t believe in yourself you’re driving with the parking brake on.

The greatest undiscovered resources in the world lay on our shoulders. You can attain your dreams by keeping them in front of you. Anyone that is bored with their life has forgotten their dreams.

Control Your Attitude

Let your attitude control your conditions instead of your conditions controling your attitude. Catching attitude is like catching the flu. If you want a positive attitude hang around people who have it. Next time you have a conversation with people listen to what is being said. Most conversations are about what isn’t working in their lives instead of what is.

Dismantle the illusions of safety, security, structures, that create a prison of expectation, necessity, and image. Get into the risk of playing in the mud, getting dirty, letting go and letting God, magic, Source, energy (whatever belief/name suits you). You had it happening once as a kid. Bring it alive again. Inside, you are yearning for it.

Get excited again about the adventure, this life. Get curious and playful with your day-to-day, with your business, with your home, relationships, and finances. If you resist and prefer safety, security, and rigidity, I’m curious: So how’s that working for you?

The world is waiting for your unique gifts. Why keep it waiting any longer? Correct your mindset and find a better way of life.

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