Don’t waste time promoting toys that aren’t selling this year. Spend your
time on the toys that will sell the best to maximize your profits

Dear Amazon Affiliate Marketers,

Toys aren’t all fun and games. To Amazon and the other major toy retailers,  selling toys is serious business. This year in the US, toy sales are expected to reach almost $20 Billion and support over 250,000 jobs.

Here’s a cool fact, last year, on Black Friday alone, Amazon mobile customers ordered more than 18 toys per second. That’s 64,500 toys ordered just from mobile devices in one day! Amazon didn’t publish their final toy sales figures for 2014 but you can bet the figure was HUGE.

So Many Toys

Every year there are thousands of new toys available. Most of them never become big sellers. No one can predict with 100% certainty which toys will become hits this holiday season. But with some good old fashioned research, a knowledge of current trends, and common sense; it’s possible to wade through the duds and come up with a list of toys that have a high probability of earning you a great commission this year.

Oh no, I said the “R” word. I’ll admit it. Research is often a long, tedious, and boring process. Unfortunately, research is necessary before you start promoting any Amazon product. But who has time for research?

Research Is Frustrating and Time Consuming Work.
Most People Give Up Before They Really Get Started.
I don’t Want That to Happen to You!

Here’s what you will get with Azon Christmas Toy Profits:

  • A brief explanation of my research methods
  • List of 45 toys with
    • the age group and link to the Amazon product page
    • Average monthly search volume for a few keywords related to the toy
    • 30 day trend — change in monthly global search volume from August to September
    • 90 day trend — change in monthly global search volume from May to September
    • At least two more toys that are related to the main toy
  • List of Walmart’s Top 25 Picks (10 of which were on my list already)
  • My Quick Access  spreadsheet with all 60 toys and all their links and numbers

That’s Not All – I’m Throwing In Some
Awesome Bonuses If You Act Right Now!


Azon Christmas Toy Profits keyword research data

Keyword Data research pack

Over 960 long-tail keywords for the 45 Christmas toys along with average global monthly search volume, 30 day search trend, and 90 day search trend. Keywords have been analyzed and rated from easy to very difficult according how easy it is to rank the keyword phrase for #1 on Google. Most keywords are easy to relatively easy to rank.


24 Amazon 100 Best Selling Toys and Games reports

Amazon’s Top 100
Best Selling Toys & Games

A total of 24 reports containing Amazon’s Top 100 Best Selling Toy and Games. This package features data for the main Toys and Games categories and its 23 main sub-categories. Each report contains 100 products with their current rank, list price, sale price, star rating, and number of reviews.


It’s Time To Take Action and Get The Azon Christmas Toy Profits Package and Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever!

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